Create the ultimate ENGAGEMENT experience! With Appical you create an impact at every moment, from signing the contract until the last day on the job.


"Yes! Today is the first day of my dream job! I’ve woken up early and full of energy and am ready to go. I get a tour around the office, shake hands with new colleagues and finally sit behind my computer. With a beautiful file folder that contains everything I need to know. Good luck!"

No, the first day of your dream job should definitely not look like this. That’s why there’s Appical, an online programme to onboard your employees fast, interactive and efficient. With Appical new colleagues will become familiar with the DNA of your company in an easily accessible manner, even before their first day. Through various games and assignment they will get to know the organization, their colleagues and the culture.

In the train, at home on the couch or in the queue at the grocery store, employees can start working on their own phone or tablet and at their own pace. Your advantage? On the first working day, the new employee can start right away! Appical is available for all common mobile devices, tablets and desktops.

Thanks to the 135.000+ employees at 150+ companies who work with Appical on a daily basis, we know exactly what’s important for a successful start!


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The Product

with your collaboration we develop a solid online onboarding programme within a few weeks. We supply the technology and the mobile iOS or Android app, while you are in control of your content in your app. Use video, checklists, quizzes, interactive assignments or virtual reality to set up an interactive onboarding programme for your new hires.

The Employee Journey


What to do on your first day?


Product Features


Save time and costs
An employee that is onboarded well will put a lower burden on his colleagues, will be productive faster and change his/her job less likely.

Boost your content!
Our editor allows our customers to create content, edit their apps and instantly review the impact of their work. The new hire experience will be boosted directly with our engaging content templates. The templates include drag&drop question types, video playback, augmented reality, video recording and twitter feeds. Our templates are designed to include gamification, cool visuals and social features to WOW your employees.

Awesome HR Analytics & Reporting
Knowing how your end users perform is one of the most important features of an onboarding tool. That’s why we have created an extensive Analytics & Reporting system that provides our customers with all the relevant information. Some of the analytics we provide; total time users spend in the app, average time spent per session, average number of re-visits and average score. 

Plug & Play, no hassle
We created several blueprint courses, based on the best practices of our clients. Using blueprints allows an editor to instantly deploy a well-structured program with dummy content already in place. Just tailor the course with your company specific content and start onboarding your new hires in a matter of hours. Your team will hit the ground running.