5 Reasons Video Interviewing is way better than Skype

Skype Interviews share the advantage of Video Interviewing in terms of being able to ‘see’ the candidate / assess non-verbal cues. Skype facilitates access to a global talent pool and accommodates remote recruiters but the biggest advantage of the use of any form of online video in the recruitment process has to be the reduction of interview time, costs and the carbon footprint.

However, and it's a big BUT, Skype Interviews come with many restrictions - the key difference being that Skype was not designed with and for the recruitment industry.

5 Reasons Video Interviewing is way better than Skype

1. Time Savings

With Skype, you have to factor in the time needed to both schedule and conduct live interviews; With Asynchronous Video Interviewing, the interviews are not live so the candidates don’t have to be online the same time as the interviewer enabling both parties to complete their business in their own time. Furthermore, the reality is any recruiter would have to factor in half hour slots for a 15 minute Skype interview because  candidates will often have questions.

2. Time Zones & Flexibility

Video Interviews overcome the restrictions of time zones for both interviewers and candidates. With Asynchronous Video Interviewing, the interviews are not live so the candidates can be recording their interviews as their recruiters are sleeping on the other side of the world. In fact, the flexibility offered in viewing the interviews in their own time has meant that the recruiters and hiring managers can fit recruitment around their own schedules.

3. Team Buy-in & Involvement

Inviting the relevant hiring managers to view and rate the video interviews has enabled hiring managers to be actively involved in the selection of candidates earlier in the process leading to better results. For example, Video Interviewing enables recruiters to involve hiring managers in the interview design by asking them about the major things they look for and developing questions that would allow the candidates to demonstrate these traits within the time constraints.

4. Transparency & Fairness

Video Interviewing provides a standardised, structured and transparent interview that ensues fairness of process to all candidates. By giving every candidate the same guidance, the same questions and the same time to prepare enables clients to compare and assess candidates fairly.

5. Crystal Clear Connection

We've all hung up angrily from a Skype call or turned off the video on our loved ones overseas just to improve the sound quality. Don't worry, Sonru's is designed to detect the quality of your internet connect and your devices to provide clients with the very best sound and picture quality.

So you can see how Video Interviewing powered by Sonru has always taken away Skype's pain points by providing a uniform, structured and standardised recruitment process which is essential in early stage screening. It’s the fairest way for candidates and it’s the most efficient and effective way for companies.