Fit or Fat?

There has been a significant rise on the number of jobs being advertised on social and professional networks. That's a good sign for job seekers, provided they are genuine, the more jobs the merrier.

However on the flip side the grass isn't always green. To employers means profile view requests in addition to the profiles coming through email/application channels. This is where quantity doesn't guarantee quality. In fact in most cases it ignites chaos and missed opportunity for genuinely good applicants. 

One of the challenge is how to identify the right fit from the fat?

Most hiring professionals and psychologists agree that technical qualifications only constitutes less than 30% of the candidates probability of succeeding on the job. One of the most important factor for success on the job is the persons temperament that consist of traits which determine his/her probability of success on the job.

How are you identifying these traits and measuring them in candidates to select the right fit?