Interview time!*#?

Interviewing stage is the make it or break it stage not just for the candidates but also the hiring managers and recruiters. This is not just an opportunity where the hiring manages and recruiters are judging the candidates but also an opportunity where the candidates are judging you. I have seen many good quality candidates being lost due to poor quality interviews. In reality how many people do really invest time to prepare for the candidate interview well in advance where they would dig into the candidates education history, employment history, achievements & rewards, passions and social media trends? In most cases we pick up the candidates profile when the receptionist tells us that the candidate is waiting.

There is a Better Way

With Sonru's asynchronous video interview solution you have time to prepare your questions well in advance. Include technical, temperamental, linguistic and even video based case study type questions. You also set the time to read and time to answer for each question as most candidates are expecting an intelligent well prepared interview. Most candidates want to work with companies where they see personal growth and innovation. 

Fair & Balanced

Most importantly most candidates are expecting a fair and balanced interview process where they will have a leveled playing field to represent themselves!! With Sonru you provide each candidate with exactly the same questions, time and technology platform to represent themselves.

100% Recollection

With HD recorded interviews each hiring manager makes the decision about the candidate based on the exact same recorded interview. There is no dilution of information on candidate feedbacks. What you see is what you get. (well maybe not exactly ;) ) 


Maybe its time to Sonru?