2015 McQuaig Research Study

For MENA HR Professionals

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With the McQuaig Research Study we would like to determine the temperament profile types of HR leaders in this region.


Participants will be asked to complete a 15-20 minute online assessment; The McQuaig Word Survey®; and will be provided their feedback report along with a complimentary 30 minute consultation.

The McQuaig Word Survey® is specifically designed to determine an individual’s underlying temperament. Our temperament has a significant impact on how we will perform in a given role. Temperament lays the foundation of who we are: what we find motivating or demotivating, how we interact with others, our ability to deal with pressure and adapt to new situations, etc. Temperament embodies key traits like competitiveness, empathy, analytical thinking, sense of urgency and determination.

About McQuaig

Founded in 1960's, The McQuaig Institute™ is being used by over 1200 companies globally in over 30 countries and 15 languages; including Arabic, for talent acquisition and development.

You can use The McQuaig Psychometric System for:

  • Your next recruitment campaign

  • Team assessment

  • Coaching sessions

  • Personal development

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Applications Close on 31st December 2015!