How to Prepare for your Next Video Interview

You've just checked your emails and there it is… an invitation to complete a video interview for your dream job. The recruiter has reviewed your application and wants to find out more about you. They want to “meet” you, learn more about your motivation for applying to this role, see your personality and if you’d be a good cultural fit. So, how should you prepare before you sit down to complete your video interview? Here are some top tips from Gerard, one of Sonru’s fantastic Candidate Support Agents.

Research, research, research

Knowledge is wealth, and this can’t be more important than before completing any type of interview. Research the company and their interview process in detail. If the company has a careers page, most of the information you need will be here. Otherwise, check the About page on their website where you will find information about company size, location, operation, sector. LinkedIn company pages are also a great place to find information. Look for recent official Press Releases, so you’re up-to-date with announcements and exciting developments. In case you’re tested on your knowledge of the sector, research competitors and recent changes in the industry. Read the job spec in detail and check out the LinkedIn profiles of some people currently in the role – you will get more info on what their day-to-day tasks are and it might hint towards the company culture. 


Find ‘hidden’ information in your Sonru account

It might sound obvious, but there’s lots of useful information given by recruiters in your Sonru invitation email and on the candidate engagement homepage once you log in to your account. Don’t skim read these – recruiters can customise their Sonru account and it’s all to help you do your very best in your video interview. Read the invitation email and pick out keywords. Take note of the deadline by which you must have completed your interview. Watch any videos included in the account – these usually give you a glimpse into life at the hiring company or introduce you to the recruiters who will review your completed interview. Pick up on tone of voice and language used in these; this will give you insight into the company culture. Make sure to read any attachments within your interview account such as job description, further instructions or information on the company. Make the most of this opportunity and try not to miss any detail.

Dress the part

It’s really important to dress as you would for a face-to-face interview, even though you know the recruiter will only be able to see you from the waist up! It may be tempting to wear your most comfortable sweats and a crisp white blouse, but dressing formally will actually make you feel more confident and assertive. Even your body language will change. This will ultimately affect your interview performance. Try to avoid busy patterns and crazy designs, instead opting for a block colour.

Test your equipment

Have you fully charged your laptop or mobile device? When was the last time you turned on your webcam or microphone? Don’t leave it until the last minute to test your equipment. You don’t want to miss your chance because of a faulty wire or bad connection. Completing a video interview is really easy and the system will flag if there is any issue with your hardware. With Sonru, our 24/7 support team are on-hand to help in the unlikely event that you have a tech issue (less than 1% of people do!).

Put your laptop or device on Do Not Disturb, blocking all incoming notifications and calls. Turn off Skype and Facetime. Make sure you have nothing running in the background.


As with everything, practice makes perfect. People are becoming more and more familiar and comfortable with video interview technology, thanks to mainstream social applications like Skype, Facetime and even Snapchat! Pick a time that suits you to complete your interview and then put aside time to practice. Practice, practice and practice again. You’ll gain more confidence with each practice interview and you’ll ooze coolness when completing the real deal.

Lastly, make sure to smile. The interviewer wants to meet the real you – they don’t expect you to be perfect so don’t worry if you make a mistake. This is your chance to leave a lasting impression on the recruiter, bringing your experience, motivation and personality to life. The more time you spend preparing, the more confident you’ll come across.