New White Paper on Video Interviewing Best Practice

A first of its kind in the industry, our latest white paper entitled “Clients Know Best - Big Data Analysis of Video Interviewing Implementation" presents a blue print for Video Interviewing best practice based entirely on an empirical evaluation of Sonru clients’ success factors. Read on to see the research highlights, access the white paper and to view the recording of a recent webinar with Maiken O'Byrne, Head of Client Success at Sonru.

Big Data on Video Interviewing

For this white paper, we looked at:

  • 12,000 randomly selected interview campaigns (55,000+ interviews).
  • 30,000+ candidate surveys.
  • Data relating to almost 1,500 candidates (from 97 hiring companies / 326 individual campaigns) who did not complete their Video Interview.

Research Highlights  

The average completion rate of the 12,000 interview campaigns analysed was 72%. However, when we looked deeper into the data, we found that: 

45% of all interviews analysed had a 100% completion rate.

Lessons from the Best (the 45% of interview campaigns that recorded a 100% Response Rate):

  • Use Video Introductions as a Best Practice.
  • Use a Branded Account as a Best Practice.
  • Best Practice for Number of Questions: 5-8.
  • Best Practice for Average Question Time: 1.5 - 2.5 mins.
  • Ideal Interview Length: 10-14 mins.
  • Ideal Interview Title: 3-6 words.

Key Learnings From Non-Completions

  • Reduce uncertainty.
  • Highlight advantages.
  • Reduce impersonal nature.
  • Ensure equal access.

For almost ten years we have been speaking at events around the world sharing our love and knowledge of video interviewing and it's interesting to see how the narrative of our presentations has evolved. In the early years, we literally explained what video interviewing was, gave a demonstration of it in action and shared the benefits for recruitment using case study examples. Thankfully, we no longer have to make a case for video interviewing because the world is now convinced so our presentations changed from ‘what is’ to ‘how to’ where we share tips on how to do it best.
Since 2007, we have been observing how our clients implement video interviewing and we are always keen to share these best practice tips across our client base.  This year we decided to do something very different - research the user data of over 12,000 randomly selected interview campaigns completed on the Sonru system to identify if there were any correlations or similarities in the implementation and communication around the most successful campaigns.   
The findings of this white paper present a blue print for Video Interviewing BEST PRACTICE based entirely on an empirical evaluation of Sonru clients’ success factors and the results are really quite exciting. Anyone can improve their video interviewing implementation by following the lessons from these leaders. 

Maiken O’Byrne, Head of Client Success, Sonru

To view the recording of 'Clients Know Best' webinar with Maiken O'Byrne, Sonru's Head of Client Success.

For the full white paper:

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