Long Live the Résumé

Over the past couple of months I have seen a pattern emerging amongst many of the organisations I visit. The conversation about the résumé and its ability to actually convey a candidate's competency and fit for a role. I’m going to put it out there, in 10 years time the résumé will be dead. Ok let me clarify that! Not dead for all roles but there will be little importance placed on résumés for entry level roles especially customer centric roles. 

Why you ask? I can write anything I like down on a piece of paper, I like talking, I’ll put ‘communication’ down as a skill. I get things done so let’s put ‘motivated’ down too. You get the picture, I think of a word and I can write it.  Today with the technology we have available I no longer have to rely on a piece of paper full of words. I have the ability to get candidates to fill out an application usually via my ATS and from there I have the ability to screen based on application answers or I could chose to put every candidate through a video interview. 

Next question, why would I put EVERYONE through an interview? Answer WHY NOT! Being successful at an entry level customer service roles is not dependent on experience. Time and time again I get feedback that being successful in these roles is completely dependent on Customer Focus and Attitude. How can I really judge a candidate’s customer focus and attitude? I can send them a video interview. I can see if they bother to do it and put effort into the areas I have asked. What I definitely can tell is if this person has a customer centric nature by their communication and presentation. 

The problem with entry level recruitment is that often we are comparing apples with oranges. We are comparing those with experience to those with none. How can I judge a candidate with little to no experience? I mean what are they even supposed to put on their résumé? What they put on there is irrelevant almost, I just want to see them in action and video allows us to do this. If a junior candidate has an exceptional attitude and communication skills I want them more than the candidate that has experience but lacks motivation. Anyway you get the gist.

So what do you think? Is the résumé dead for entry level recruitment? What are your predictions for the future? 

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