Video Interviewing: Showcasing Your Employer Brand

Every recruiter has noted the increase use of the term employer brand - but how many actually understand the term and its importance to their recruitment activities? Put simply, employer brand is your reputation as an employer. It is the publics’ perception of your company culture. Employer brand positions a company as an employer of choice for candidates and it has a huge impact on candidate attraction and recruitment. Employer brand isn’t just aesthetically pleasing branding on your website and social media. It’s also the policies you put in place for your employees, like great perks and benefits.

In today’s connected world, it’s becoming harder and harder to protect your employer brand. One negative comment or review on social media can spiral. But, there are some aspects of your employer brand that you can control – such as your recruitment process. Video interviewing helps bring company’s employer brand into the 21st century. But, how can video interviewing showcase your employer brand to candidates.

Innovative Recruitment Process

Introducing video interviewing to the recruitment process tells candidates a lot about the hiring company. Innovative recruitment processes help to position a company as a modern, creative, tech-focused employer of choice for many candidates. In a candidate-focused recruitment process, information is key. Many companies detail the ins and outs of the recruitment process on their careers page, while others communicate next steps with candidates via direct communication. Explain to candidates what the video interviewing stage of your process is, why you are using this method and the benefits for recruiters and candidates. Be clear on what is expected of the candidate. 

Full Branding

A great video interviewing platform will have the functionality for the company to create a completely immersive branded candidate experience. From the initial email, to their interview landing page and the interview itself, you can customise the look and feel to represent your brand. Your account can mirror your careers website, carrying across your employer brand and giving candidates a clear and consistent experience – it’ll be like they never left your website! With many candidates, the recruiting process will be their first impression of your brand. A fully branded video interviewing experience gives candidates a glimpse of your employer brand – the colours, images and tone of voice were all carefully chosen by your team to represent your company and your team.



Personalisation is really important in all stages of recruitment, particularly during preliminary screening. The volume of applications and candidates at earlier stages can be enormous. It’s imperative that no candidate falls into the infamous recruitment ‘black hole’, which can seriously damage your company’s employer brand. Video interviewing makes sure that every candidate is an individual, while still allowing recruiters to screen a larger number of candidates in less time. Personalisation shows that a company is candidate-focused. Using a recruiters email address as the default on video interview invitations, instead of, adds a very human element to your recruitment process. If possible, address the invitation email to the individual candidate. Send a follow up message with more details and instructions, or just to wish them good luck. All types of interviews are stressful for candidates, so try to make their video interview as stress-free as possible.

Introduction Videos

An introduction video embedded in your candidates video interview account is a great way to showcase your employer brand, while making candidates feel at ease. Introduction videos can be taken directly from your careers website, or created specifically for the video interview.  A video giving a tour of your offices or showing the normal day of an employee really engages candidates with your company, getting them excited for their interview. Or, your recruitment team could introduce themselves, putting a face to the process and encouraging candidates to complete their interview. Some Sonru clients even upload blooper videos, to show the light-hearted side of the company. Don’t miss the opportunity to showcase your employer brand with introduction videos.

Candidates see companies using video interviewing in a favourable way – the hiring company comes across as modern, innovative and tech-savvy. For companies like Volvo Group, UBS, Primark, Gulf International Bank, Nestlé, Noble Group, PwC, CERN and Westpac, video interviewing has created a more candidate-focused recruitment process, while enhancing their employer brand.

Find out how you can showcase your employer brand in 2016 with video interviewing – check out how to make your employer brand fun or get in touch with our team of video interviewing experts.