Improving the Quality of Hire with The McQuaig System

The cost of hiring the wrong person can be huge. So can turning over the right person. The key to avoiding both these scenarios is to understand what type of person is best suited to succeed in a specific role at your company, and how to asses for those traits in a candidate.

Through this webinar, you'll learn the Three Levels of Assessment, what each will tell you about a candidate and how to assess a candidate for each level in the interview and during reference checks.

No more guesswork: Learn how to get and use the data you need to reduce the reliance on "gut feeling" when making hiring decisions.

Improve your interview process: Get better interview results by using customized behavioral interview questions and probes that get at the critical, but hard to reach Third Level of Assessment. Focusing on behavioral factors that are relevant to success of the job, managers use their time more effectively and make more-informed decisions.

Learn the secret power of the most overlooked step in the recruiting process: creating a 3-D profile of the ideal candidate and how to use it as a measuring stick.