New Hire Checklist!

A Quickstart Guide to an Effective Employee Onboarding Program

Structured Onboarding Increases Retention by 25%

Make a Difference Now!

Whether you're thinking about creating an employee onboarding process, or thinking about improving the one you have, this easy to follow New Hire Checklist provides you with tangible steps you can take right away to improve the way you welcome new employees. 

Having a formal onboarding process:

  • Improves year-over-year revenue by 60%
  • Increases year-over-year customer satisfaction by 63%
  • Increases retention by 25%
  • Improves performance levels by up to 11%
  • Increases new hire productivity by 54%

The checklist gives you 38 actions you take now across the four main phases of a winning onboarding program:

  • Pre-hire
  • Day one
  • Day two to three months
  • Three months to one year

It also includes a special checklist for executive onboarding.

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