Introducing a Redesigned McQuaig Word Survey Report

There’s a brand new McQuaig Word Survey Report coming your way with an eye-catching design that’s going to make these reports easier to read.

As part of our ongoing improvements tied to our new online platform, we’ll be launching the redesigned report the first week in July for clients who have migrated to the new system.

The content of the report remains the same with the same in-depth, easy-to-understand insights you’re used to. The report design makes the content easier to digest and the new look will make a strong impression with hiring managers, executives and other readers of the report.

Have a sneak peek at the new report here.

What’s Changed?

  • An updated, modern design

  • Improved readability to please even the busiest hiring manager

  • To enhance the visual quality of the design, the new report will only be available in PDF format

  • Downloadable assets will make it easy to extract key components like the graphs for use in other documents

  • A printer-friendly version

The new Word Survey Report will automatically replace the existing report in the in the new online platform the first weekend in July. If you have not migrated to the new system yet, you will continue to get the current Word Survey Report.  This new design will be applied to reports generated for both new and existing survey results.

This is the second report to have this new design in our new system, the first being the recently launched Executive Summary Report. During the course of the year, we’ll be updating all of our reports with this exciting, new design.

If you haven’t already scheduled your migration to the new system, you can do it here or by sending your migration request to Don’t miss out on these fantastic new reports. Get on the new system now! You can learn more about what to expect in the new system here.