ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Predictive Retention - How to Know Before They Go (IBM & TalentGuard)


Incase you missed the live webinar:

Attracting and keeping great talent are perennial challenges for organizations. But what causes people to want to leave? What might entice seemingly happy employees away? The IBM Smarter Workforce Institute conducted in-depth research among more than 22,000 employees (WorkTrendsTM 2016) to find some evidence based answers. 

Jointly presented by IBM & TalentGuard

Here are some surprising facts from the research. 

  1. 62% of employees could be tempted to take a new job
  2. Better compensation and benefits is a #1 talent attractor
  3. High potentials are much more likely than others to be attracted by opportunities to Learn New Skills
  4. Great employer brand more important job attractor for Millennials and Generation Xers
  5. Most people are not leaving because of their managers
  6. Passionate employees are least likely to quit
  7. Use the right assessments to increase person-job fit and person-organization fit during
  8. Listen regularly and act on the voice of employees. Understand employees’ individual needs and use those insights to help create a positive and engaging experience. Be aware of the factors that may trigger an employee’s voluntary departure.
  9. Meet your own employees ‘top attractor’ factors, including career development, opportunities to learn new skills and exciting, challenging work.