Video Interviewing: Navigating Recruitment Success

So, you’ve brought a new software platform on board, you’re all set up – now what? The necessity to attain fantastic customer service is at its highest point during the use of any software platform. That’s why, after initial setup and implementation with Sonru video interviewing, our Client Success Team push this forward and start building on reputable service delivery throughout the recruitment process.

Rolling it Out Internally

We recognise that it’s not always so quick and simple to get everyone on board with a new idea or technology within your organisation. The Client Success Team at Sonru come equipped with guides, tutorials and training for all client departments to eliminate any worries or woes and to allow everyone to put their best foot forward from the very beginning. We have extensive experience getting Hiring Managers involved to facilitate their participation in the video interviewing process as much as you require. Sonru is not a one-shot service, but instead a flexible solution, adapted to our clients’ specific needs. We’re on-hand throughout the video interviewing process to guide you not only on how to usethe technology, but also on how to improve the process as you go along.

Candidates are not to be forgotten about either. We pave the way to make sure candidates have a smooth-running experience from the very start, and 95% of candidates would complete a video interview again! To eliminate the concerns that any candidates unfamiliar with the platform may have, we have a dedicated library of candidate tips ready to rock so that candidates have a pillar of support throughout their video interviewing journey, too!

Supporting Seamless Recruitment

Apart from designating a Client Success Manager to our clients from the get-go, we also have a full team of 24/7 in-house support experts on hand via phone, email and live chat to guide all clients and candidates when they need. We recognise that time is of the essence and are very proud to have a committed support team who surpass all industry benchmarks for technical support response times.

Throughout the video interviewing process, it’s all eyes on you! Based on client feedback and evolving recruitment needs, we enhance the Sonru platform continuously, with all system upgrades provided at no extra cost.

It’s an honour as part of the Client Success Team to deal with a diverse range of clients across the globe, and to know that our every day aim is worthwhile in making them feel as comfortable, enthusiastic and excited as possible when using Sonru. Software as a service cannot simply be a once-off interaction with your provider. Our team is here to build relationships and nourish client partnerships throughout every step of the video interviewing process!

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Francesco Roccuzzo, Client Success Manager at Sonru, weighs in on video interviewing rollout, support and getting the very best out of your Sonru video interviewing journey.