4 Technologies that Reduce Your Time to Hire

Top-class employees can be hard and time-consuming to find when some skills are scarce and the number of vacancies is high. These problems can be minimised, however, with the use of technology that can reduce the time spent on recruitment and keep costs as low as possible. Here is a look at some of the ways companies can make the most of tech: Video Interviewing

Forget time-consuming first-round interviewing and uninformative phone screening, as video interviewing is now seen as a must for businesses. It is much more productive than a simple CV, and it allows managers to assess both presentation and personality far more effectively than through a telephone call. It avoids the need to pay expenses for first-round interviews or schedule in a set time to meet candidates. Video interviews can be viewed on the move and at a time that is convenient. There is no need to delay initial interviewing and prolong the recruitment process simply because there are difficulties in scheduling particular dates – it brings recruitment outside of normal working hours, in a good way!

Mobile Compatibility

Recruiters are increasingly relying on mobile technology to allow them to minimize time wastage and maximize the potential of all available working hours. The best candidates are also likely to have many demands on their time, making it essential that they can keep abreast of opportunities whilst on the move. Just as video interviewing can shorten the recruitment process, so too can ensuring that a company’s careers website, for example, is as mobile-friendly as possible. This allows candidates the opportunity to source information about a company or even to apply for a job. 54% of candidates have used a mobile device in numerous ways to aid in their job search.  At a time when many businesses are struggling to find the high-level talent they need, it is vital to make the most of every opportunity to attract the interest of suitable talent.

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Social Media

Statistics show that almost half of all people now socialize more online than they do in the real word, making social media a vital part of a fast and effective recruitment. Companies can use sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to access candidates more easily. It is possible to use the tools available to publicise vacancies in order to attract applicants in the shortest possible time. It is also possible to attract the attention of passive candidates (those who are not actively trawling the job boards) and demonstrate why the best candidates would want to apply for a chosen role.

Jobs Portals

Online recruitment has been revolutionary - so much so that both employers and employees now expect to be able to advertise and search for vacancies 24 hours a day. Jobs portals are essential for ensuring that the best talent is attracted. They allow candidates and employers to cross geographical boundaries, providing the ability to hire better candidates with more ease and efficiency than ever before.


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