5 Tips to Avoid Harming the Candidate Experience

We live in candidate-driven times. That is, we are currently experiencing a long, protracted candidate-driven job market. Candidate is king - they are looking for a hiring experience, not just a job, and the organisation that understands this and gets it right wins big in the battle for securing the top talent. As experts at impressing candidates, we thought we’d put together our top five tips to help you avoid harming the interview process.

1.    Show You Care

We don’t mean hug a candidate. We mean demonstrate that you care about what candidates have to say and not that they tick boxes in a selection process. Smart questioning emphasises that persona, character, energy and more are all important parts of the selection process. Sonru video interviewing tells potential employees that you care deeply about who you hire.

2. Attitude

An interviewee may be interviewing a potential subordinate, but the interview should be conducted with no air of superiority or authoritative distance, you are potentially welcoming your newest team member into your organisation for the first time, make them feel welcome and at home. Naturally, a candidate’s attitude must be at least a reflection of your own, welcoming, warm, inquisitive, and interested.

3. Flexibility

Whether you’re hiring contractor permanent positions, everyone has a busy schedule and trying to get two or more people together can be a Herculean task. Contractors struggle to be released from vital project work and permanent employees don’t want to raise the alarm when they’re searching for a new role. The logical solution? Video interviewing. The Sonru solution allows hiring managers to set the questions in their own time whilst candidates can provide their responses at a time convenient for them. Scheduling problems become a thing of the past and no one has to interrupt their busy day to interview.

4. Time to Hire

Time is not a hiring manager’s friend. You may be about to make the greatest job offer in the world, but if you take too long your potential employee will think you’re uninterested and accept an offer from a competitor who could move quickly. Securing who you want can be a race, make sure you win with a streamlined hiring process that eliminates time wastage.

5. Technology

We live in a techno-centric world where innovation is expected and technological adoption is essential. Being able to demonstrate quickly to potential employees that your organisation is not scared to innovate and to improve your hiring process will set you streets ahead of your competitors. Sonru offers a complete, integrated video interviewing platform that provides countless innovations to speed-up an organisation’s time-to-hire and increases staff retention, allowing employers to make the right hiring decision first time. Better still, it lets your candidates know you are at the forefront of technology and aren’t scared to innovate.

It’s likely that a candidate you want to employ will receive at least one other offer at the same time as your offer, so have you done everything you could to give the candidate the best possible experience throughout the interview process? Have you turned them on to your organisation? Impressed them with your advanced use of technology throughout the hiring process? The feedback our clients receive shows them to be progressive and innovative in their use of the Sonru video interviewing platform. Isn’t it time you invested in your hiring and stopped harming your candidate experience?