Candidate Experience - What you should be doing and what you could be doing!

In today’s candidate-driven market, it’s more essential than ever to engage with your candidates. When you’re competing for talent, every stage of the application process can influence a candidate’s decision to remain with you.

We all know what we should be doing to ensure a positive candidate experience – but what else could you be doing to stand out from the crowd and win that talent?

Candidate Experience Essential No.1 – Communication

The should: For most candidates, their biggest frustration is the lack of communication from prospective employers. At the very least, you should be sending an email acknowledging if a candidate has been unsuccessful. Not only does this offer candidates closure, but it also removes the need for them to chase you for updates, saving you time.

The could: For a better candidate experience, acknowledge each step of their application. Your ATS should allow you to send branded and personalised emails to candidates by bulk, which will enable you to keep in touch with candidates quickly and easily.

You could also offer a candidate portal. This allows your candidates to log-in to their own area where they can track the progress of their application without needing to contact you. Not sure if you can offer a candidate portal? Talk to your ATS supplier, if you have one, who should be able to help.

Candidate Experience Essential No.2 – Apply online

The should: Candidates expect to be able to search and apply for jobs instantly and easily online. As a bare minimum, you should offer candidates the chance to apply using an online application form and/or CV upload option. Keep it simple and as short as possible to avoid candidates losing patience with the process.

The could: Your candidates are all unique individuals – so why not offer a range of application methods? Think about providing a simple online application form, instant CV upload, the option to apply with LinkedIn or with a Facebook profile.

What’s more, it’s important to ensure that you’re meeting the needs of mobile candidates. With 63% of people now using their phones or tablets to search for jobs,* you’ll need a mobile-optimised application form to make it easy for those candidates relying on tiny touch-screen buttons!

Candidate Experience Essential No.3 – Careers site

The should: Talented candidates may well be looking beyond salary and job description when it comes to their next role. You should have a careers page which includes some information about your company culture, and which lists all your current vacancies and allows candidates to apply online.

The could: By investing in a pixel-perfect careers site, you can offer candidates so much more than a simple list of jobs and a paragraph about your organisation. Enhance your employer brand with imagery, quotes from current team members, videos and more. Display your current vacancies and allow candidates to search for opportunities via keyword, location or department. You could also provide a ‘job alerts’ feature to allow candidates to sign up for vacancy updates.

Ensure that your careers site is optimised for mobiles, as 38% of jobseekers would be put off from applying for a company if its careers site wasn’t mobile optimised.** A great careers site will be an extension of your corporate site, fully branded and professionally designed. It will offer your candidates a more connected experience – which, in this war for talent, is essential.

Candidate Experience – why does it matter?

Don’t alienate potential talent by offering poor candidate experience. Not only may you miss out on a great new hire, but disgruntled candidates are likely to complain about their experience. How many of us have heard phrases such as, ‘It’s just so rude’ or ‘I waited six weeks and heard nothing’?

It’s simple to avoid this happening – so make sure you’re doing what you should be doing and then think about what you could be doing for an even better candidate experience!

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