Common Interviewing Mistakes Interviewers Make!

Don’t make a yes/no decision during the one-on-one interview:

– Instead, use the interview to collect information on the assigned areas, not to vote.  Too many interviewers go out of their way to use the interview to collect information that confirms their initial assessment. This is called the decide and collect approach and it the primary cause of hiring mistakes.

Don’t let anyone have full voting rights:

– Most hiring errors are caused by making yes/no hiring decisions too quickly based on a narrow range of factors. To obtain a balance viewpoint, solicit the collective advise of all people involved in the hiring process.

Disallow gut feelings and intuition:

– To allow unbiased information, each interviewer must justify his feedback with facts, examples and details, good or bad.

Encourage alternative points of view:

– Force controversy and disagreement during the debriefing session. You don’t need to force consensus. Support people who have evidence that is contrary to most people assessments. Make this part of the process.

Make a “no” harder to justify than a “yes”:

– A “no” is safe and easy. It encourages laziness and rewards interviewers who are weak or unprepared. To eliminate this potential problem demand more detailed information and evidence from those invoking a “no”.