Executive Recruitment in Dubai & KSA

Executive Recruitment or Headhunting is a retained search practice used by corporate clients to find the most suitable candidate to fill an articular role on a fee basis. Executive Recruitment in Dubai & KSA is typically used for senior-level jobs, for which there is a smaller pool of appropriate high-level candidates who can be identified and targeted.

“Search” aims to find the best candidates for a position, whether or not they are looking to move. There are a number of major executive headhunter search firms that work internationally across different industry sectors. Smaller “boutique” firms operate within particular industries or functions.

Why companies use Headhunters in Dubai & KSA? Usually, a key factor will be the consultants knowledge of, and/or access to, a particular sector or candidate population. Other considerations may include the need for absolute discretion, a desire for an external perspective and time constraints.

When a client company has engaged and briefed a headhunter firm, it expects the firm’s consultants to demonstrate a clear understanding of its needs, to provide professional advice regarding the role and the availability of suitable candidates, and to draw up a high-quality shortlist. The client also expects regular communication from the firm and for the search to move at a good pace. The interaction between client and consultant works best when the search consultant forms a consulting relationship with the client, working in partnership towards the ideal appointment.