Here’s why 2015 is the year for social media and mobile recruitment!

As technology rapidly advances, HR managers and recruitment firms are required to follow suit to ensure that they tap into the available possibilities and attract the best talent as quickly as possible.

Two of the biggest recruitment trends dominating in recent times, and likely to continue for the foreseeable future, are mobile recruitment and social recruiting. With widespread smartphone availability and quicker internet speeds, many job-seekers today rely on using their mobile device for job-hunting. In the UK alone last year, research highlighted that 88% of job-seekers used their mobile to view vacancies. Increasingly, applicants are likely to be able to complete every aspect of the recruitment process via their mobile phones, including the application, skill assessments and arranging interviews. Using video technology to conduct interviews remotely via mobile devices will become a priority in the future, saving time and money whilst making the process more convenient for all involved. More and more businesses will require accessible mobile recruitment methods to ensure they don't miss out on attracting the top talent.

Social recruiting has become big business thanks to our reliance on social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Recruiters will increasingly be looking to exploit social recruiting technology to attract top candidates to positions - often before they are even advertised. The goal behind using social media as a recruitment strategy is centred on building relationships, connecting with people, increasing social network opportunities and promoting an employer brand so that candidates can get an accurate feel for an organisation from the start. Social media will also be used in recruitment to create a careers portal rather than advertise a specific role, so a candidate's interests and skills can be assessed to see where they might fit into an organisation.

Online tracking systems and metadata analytics are also gaining momentum amongst employers to find out what a candidate is like by looking at what they post online, as well as what makes them the best person for a particular role. Integrated technologies will enable an HR manager to view a candidate's application, their social media profile, their posts and tweets and any recommendations they received from their LinkedIn profile, for instance.

Whilst mobile recruitment and social media are two of the biggest trends for recruitment in 2015, it is also thought that gamification technology will fast become a firm favourite. Gamification is the concept of applying game mechanics to the recruitment process, and it includes assessment games. It is used as an engagement tool but can also identify talent rapidly. Research suggests that by next year over 70% of the top global businesses will employ at least one gamified application in their recruitment processes.

As 2015 marches forward, more and more top recruiters will also be looking at exploiting the use of location technology to track down the best candidates. IP recognition can identify the geographic location of a person from their mobile phone or computer so that relevant job vacancies can be posted to potential candidates in that area.