Hiring For Attitude at Altitude: Video Interviewing & Airlines

At the centre of every successful airline is one common thing: its people. The people hired by an airline are key to its success. They represent the core of its business, from cabin crew and pilots, to technicians, ground staff and every role in between. Hiring the right people in these roles is crucial, and can make a recruiter's job very tough. Video interviewing can ease the burden however, and is a great fit for the airline industry. Find out how airlines including Thomas Cook, Qatar Airways, Jet2.com and Luxaviation hire attitude for altitude with video interviewing.

Culture fit is one of the most important criteria that recruiters attempt to identify in a potential new hire. Does a candidates values match ours? Are they excited at the prospect of working here? Culture fit is nearly impossible to assess during a telephone interview, but with video interviewing, it’s easy to see motivation, energy and that little passionate twinkle in your candidates' eyes.

“Sonru allows us to see how much a candidate really wants to work for us.” – Recruitment Systems Manager, Jet2.com

Video interviewing allows candidates to showcase themselves, especially their soft skills such as communication and presentation abilities and their interests. Thomas Cook also uses Sonru to recruit entertainers for their resort destinations and love being able to see candidates’ personalities and energy. They’re able to assess language skills, as well as more unusual talents.

A lot of airlines have invested significant amounts of time and money in their recruitment marketing programmes, utilising dedicated branded career sites, innovative social media campaigns and internal employee referral schemes. As a result, the volume of applications for a single role can be colossal, with candidates located all around the world. Using video interviewing for first round selection, your recruitment team can “meet” more candidates, from the comfort of their desk. No scheduling, no travel and zero no-shows equal huge cost and time savings for your company. Thomas Cook noted these benefits and more after introducing Sonru, saving £57,000 year over year


Employer branding is hugely important to airlines. It’s a really competitive market for talent and a strong brand is important to help snap up the best people, before a competitor does. Implementing modern recruitment tools like video interviewing helps position a company as an employer of choice. Enhanced branding opportunities, customised invitation emails and fun, friendly introduction videos make for a smooth candidate experience of your recruitment process, from the very beginning. Better candidate engagement has led to higher Assessment Centre attendance for Thomas Cook and Jet2.com, up 37% and 46% respectively.

“The candidate experience is vital to us and therefore so is the technology we ask them to use. We only look as good as the technology our candidates use in our recruitment processes.” – Recruitment Systems Manager, Jet2.com

Video interviewing helps airlines hire the most suitable candidates, who are, ultimately, the face of the company and brand. Are you ready to learn how to hire attitude for altitude with video interviewing? Check out some of our client success stories, or sign up for our upcoming webinar: 200,000 Candidate Insights.

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