How to Find the Right Headhunting Firm To Partner With?

Headhunters run their business by searching and evaluating suitable human capital for their clients. Some of them do a better job than the others and it is important for you to know what the difference between a great headhunter and an ordinary one is. This way you can save time, avoid sharing your confidential information with wrong people, and establishing false expectations. It is important to make sure that they have a successful track record of several finished assignments for executive recruitment in MENA Region (Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia). In other words, the firm has to have all the desired expertise to help you find the right candidates for your organization. Here are a few factors you should consider to evaluate the expertise of the recruitment firm.

Industry Training

Knowledge is the number one trait desired in a headhunter. They must know what it takes to select the right kind of people and assess the suitable ones for your needs. The firm must be aware of the right kind of assessments required to gauge the candidates. A good headhunting firm will know how to run a comprehensive set of interviews, background checks, reference checks before deeming a candidate worthy of a position.

Executive Experience

Just as knowledge provides an edge to an HR practitioner over the competition, so does operational exposure of the field. If you run a digital media firm for example, and you come across a headhunting firm with prior experience of successfully serving the needs of companies similar to you, you can trust such a resourcing firm with confidence. You don’t have to explain your business to them as they are already aware of the industry.


Networks are crucial to assess talent pools and find out potential candidates. They also enable a consultant to contact the sources of recommendations about the candidates. Networks provide such firms vast access to a great pool of talent and increase their ability to come up with suitable suggestions in a short time.

The litmus test to check the networks of headhunters in Dubai is to see that how often do you see them on industry functions and do they maintain subscriptions to member based associations and top bodies in your sector.

Recruitment consultant don’t miss the networking events as they want to build relationships with executives with upward mobility, the ones they have placed at suitable positions and with sources that may provide references for potential candidates in the future.


If a resourcing agent tries to convince you that one methodology is good enough in isolation to find the right candidate, do not use their service as they are highly wronged. To hire the right people at the right roles you need to combine different methods and approaches including personality tests and psychometric assessments in Dubai to gauge the aptitude and temperament of the candidates.

If a consultant charges a humongous fee from you just to advertise the role at your expense and sit back and wait for the right candidates to start rolling in, you should avoid such a consultant at all costs. While advertising is important to articulate a job vacancy, it is just one aspect of the whole picture.

To avoid all the above pitfalls contact Hamilton Resourcing MENA on for a one-on-one discussion on how we can assist you in finding the right talent and help you improve the quality of hire. Our retained executive search and online psychometric assessments are independently run service giving you the choice based on your requirements.

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