The McQuaig Institute Releases a New Guide to Eliminating the Risk and Realizing the Benefits of Behavioral Assessments

With Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad Test, the talent management solutions provider provides a roadmap for effectively implementing behavioral assessments. The McQuaig Institute, a leading talent management solutions provider, released a new eBook to help HR professionals overcome their fear of behavioral assessments and learn how to realize the full benefits these tools can provide, entitled whos_afraid_of_the_big_bad_test_FINAL.

Behavioral assessments have long been known to increase employee retention and productivity when used correctly, but many in HR fear improper implementation and misuse by hiring managers will render them ineffective. The result then becomes a black mark against HR for bringing in a tool that did not perform.

“This is a tough situation for HR,” said Ian Cameron, Managing Director of The McQuaig Institute. “They may see the value in assessment tools, but so much of the success lies in the hands of hiring managers and if they aren’t implemented correctly these efforts fall flat and the C-Suite looks at HR for an explanation. We wanted to acknowledge that this fear is legitimate and provide a roadmap to realize the benefits of assessments.”

By reading this eBook, HR professionals will learn to:

  • Understand the risks involved in assessments
  • Know how to choose an assessment that hiring managers will use properly
  • Effectively implement an assessment into their talent management processes