The McQuaig System™ 3-Step Process

The McQuaig System™ doesn’t replace decision making in your company. Nor does it remove the responsibility from a hiring manager and place it with HR. Instead, our tools equip you with the insights to help you make more informed decisions around acquiring and developing employees. The ease-of-use, transparency and simplicity that our system is famous for helps ensure consistent, correct use of the tools by HR and hiring managers, driving better results and improved satisfaction for everyone involved. Our behavioural assessments empower you to clearly define the success criteria of a job, select people most likely to succeed using pre-employment testing and develop them in a way that ensures that they reach their maximum potential.

The McQuaig System accomplishes this by supporting a three-step process:


Define and benchmark the behavioural requirements of a job, here is what the report looks like!


Assess the candidate using our pre-employment assessment, here is what the report looks like!


Retain and develop using assessments to determine coaching and development needs, here is what the report looks like!