Measurable Results with The McQuaig System™

Measurable ResultsAccording to the Society of HR Management, the cost making a poor hiring decision for a senior sales role is upwards of $300,000, considering the costs associated with recruiting and hiring someone, time and money invested in training, and lost sales opportunities due to having an ineffective employee.  Clearly, making the wrong hire is very, very expensive.

Clients typically measure results of their success with The McQuaig System in one of two ways.  They first look at how much turnover has decreased during their time working with us, year-over-year.  Multiplying the turnover reduction by how much each employee is worth to the organization offers a measurable dollar figure of how much our clients have saved by implementing the System.

Secondly they look at how much staff performance increases based on using our tools, hiring people that better match what they are seeking and coaching them appropriately and effectively.  Measuring this staff improvement and knowing the value of each role in the organization is another way to measure results with us.

Below are the measured results achieved by seven of our clients that have allowed us to publish this information:

AEGON Canada, a subsidiary of one of the world’s largest financial services firms, reduced turnover by 44% and achieved much higher results in their employee satisfaction surveys.

Johnson Inc., a division of Royal & SunAlliance - RSA and a leading Insurance Broker, increased productivity per Customer Service Representative 208% by aligning candidates’ motivations and temperament to job needs. They were recently recognized by CMAT as a world-class performer in customer management.

Standard Coffee Services Company, America’s largest coffee services company, achieved a 50% reduction in sales staff turnover, used their training dollars more effectively and experienced a significant revenue increase.

Allied International Credit, a global leader in debt collection services, decreased turnover by 52%, to one-third the industry norm, and greatly improved telesales productivity. Allied has been rated one of Canada’s 50 best managed companies for five years straight. Sonitrol Corporation`s sales staff turnover went from 87% to 26% in a three year period. Sales per associate and sales margins increased as well.

New Employee Turnover in Customer Service at Space Coast Credit Union went from 35% to 20% by creating two separate roles and hiring people whose temperament was more closely aligned with each role.

CareSouth Homecare Professionals, one of the largest home health care providers in the U.S., achieved a 46% reduction in Sales Associate turnover in just two years, while greatly increasing Admits (sales) per Associate.