New Features : Even Slicker Interface, LinkedIn Integration & more!

2015 is a very exciting year for Sonru and we've had our developers working un-holy hours to make sure our clients always have the very best video interview application. This new release includes usability enhancements for candidates, improved branding opportunities and a neat integration with LinkedIn as well as some other really cool upgrades. All in a days work...

Here are a few of the key highlights :

LinkedIn Integration

Candidates can now easily connect their LinkedIn profiles to their Sonru account at the push of a button. Recruiters can review the candidate's profile together with the video interview giving a fuller picture.

Improved Brand Experiences

The interview process is often a candidate's first impression of your brand. Our new layout allows you to give a better impression from the get go.

Even Better Usability

We have made the registration and onboarding flow for candidates simpler and more seamless. Candidates can easily see their progress as they advance through their interview. Easy peasy.

Responsive Layouts

The layout of the candidate application adapts to their screen, providing the candidates with the best experience on any device they use.

Mobile Aware 

The application detects if candidates are on a mobile device and will prompt the user to download the appropriate Sonru Record app - less fuss!