Pre Employment Testing

Recruitment may be an art, but assessing candidates is definitely a science. It’s been said that companies hire for skills and fire for fit. Why not hire based on the whole package? Part of The McQuaig System’s 3-Step Process, The McQuaig Word Survey® is a pre employment test that takes a candidate 20-minutes or less to complete and provides you with an insightful, easy-to-read report detailing the behaviors a candidate will bring to the job. It provides you with insight into an individual’s underlying temperament and behavior patterns—you’ll even be provided with customized behavioral interview questions for each candidate. Know before you hire if a candidate has what it takes to succeed.

How does it work?

Based on sound, validated science, The McQuaig Word Survey takes you mere minutes to assign and provides a detailed, easy-to-read report that enables you to:

  • Learn as much as you can about an individual’s work habits before you make a job offer
  • Understand the temperament and behavior patterns that candidates will bring to the job—such as their level of urgency, people focus, sales orientation or independence
  • Get a list of targeted interview questions based on the candidate’s own profile

How do I get the Results?

Our web-based assessment system gives you an extensive report including strategies for motivating the individual, as well as his/her preferred learning style and team approach.

Who completes the Word Survey?

Use the Word Survey on potential hires as a pre-employment test. You can assign surveys to your short list to help narrow down your final decision, or provide it to a broader list of candidates to help in selecting those to interview. It depends on your process and what makes sense for you. Either way, the survey takes 20 minutes or less to complete and you can download your report immediately.

What can I expect from the Word Survey report?

The McQuaig Word Survey will give you critical insight into the candidate’s:

  • Attitudes and beliefs
  • Self motivation
  • Stability and persistence
  • Maturity and judgment
  • Aptitudes and capacity to learn
  • Temperament and behavior patterns

If you’ve also completed The McQuaig Job Survey® for the position, your report will also tell you if the candidate is a good match and provide role-specific behavior-based interview questions for each candidate.