Recruiters - The Graduates Are Coming, Are You Ready?

As we approach the end of the school year, millions of graduates across the world are preparing to start their working lives. This means one thing for recruiters: they’ll be inundated with a flood of applications, resumes and cover letters, and have to try to distinguish between graduates which can often look the same on paper. What can companies do to ensure that they are finding the right talent, and spend less time in doing so? Video interviewing can offer a more streamlined approach to this issue.

Recruiters face a number of problems in graduate recruitment:

Lack of Work Experience:

Your candidate pool are eager & willing to get to work, but they’ve just finished their education and often have little or no past relevant work experience on which you can base their suitability for your role.


A massive talent pool and a short recruitment window can leave recruitment teams swamped. Initial screening alone incurs huge costs and consumes vast amounts of recruiters’ hours each day.


With potentially thousands of applications with the same background, there is very little separating your potential star candidates from unsuitable ones. No candidates’ resume is more limited than that of a graduate, leaving the recruiter with the impossible task of differentiating between them.

Candidate Engagement:

Recruiters aren’t the only ones with a choice problem. The amount of graduate programmes being offered means that the candidates themselves have the luxury of picking and choosing who they want to work for. Companies risk losing the best talent if their recruitment process & employer brand doesn’t stand out from their competitors.

 How Video Interviewing can help:

There are many benefits Video Interviewing can bring to any recruitment process whether it is for graduates, executives or all the roles in between.

Technology like Sonru allows you to:

  • Send out hundreds of interviews with the click of a button.

  • Fit recruitment around your schedule.

  • Screen on the go with the Sonru mobile App.

  • Share recorded interviews internally with multiple people.

  • Interview candidates on a global scale with over 14 different languages.

  • Rate, comment and review to quickly find the best candidates.

Graduate Specific Benefits

Some of our clients have seen some astounding results when they introduced video interviewing into their graduate recruitment process. In addition to the general benefits above, they have reported some key benefits specific to their graduate hiring.

Wider Net: Video Interviewing has no geographical limits meaning you are not restricted to candidates in your immediate catchment area. In addition to this, it takes minutes to send and review your interviews meaning you can screen a far larger graduate candidate pool than traditional phone or face-to-face interviews.

Employer Branding: Your Sonru account can be fully branded, allowing companies to have a unique touch point with graduates. Let’s not forget, these candidates could be your customers. From your first email to them, through the site landing page & video interview itself, bringing graduate candidates to a fully branded and engaging video interview results in a highly positive impression of your brand.

Engaging the candidates: As a company, you need to set yourself apart from your competitors, who are looking for the same top class graduates as you. Using video interviewing in your recruitment process shows your graduates that you are a progressive, technology savvy and innovative company. The star candidates in your talent pool will have their pick of employers; video interviewing can make sure you are top of the list

Soft Skill Assessment: Resumes can only go so far in giving you an overview of your graduates. By carrying out video interviews, you can see your candidate and gain a better understanding of their soft skills in a way that resume screening or even phone interviews fall short. Getting this full picture of a person at an early screening stage removes the risk of taking unsuitable candidates through your process. Saving your time and theirs.

The 2015 graduates are about to start coming through your recruitment process, are you ready?