Selecting Better Employees with Psychometric Assessments in Dubai

A person’s behavior at work determines their level of success. People show consistency in their behavior over time and across situations. Psychometric assessment can help to evaluate the candidates before employment. The tests are meant to provide a better in depth understanding of the individuals behavioural profile thus providing the employer with insights on how to better manage and motivate the individual. To make better selection and placement decisions based on the profile of the direct manager and team. The aims of such tests are:

  • To measure the candidate’s strength in a job specific areas
  • To compare different candidates based on their scores
  • To gauge their potential for career advancement
  • To assess their Aptitudes and Capacity To Learn
  • To learn their Temperament and Behaviour Patterns

Every employer is concerned about recruiting the right people. Hiring the wrong person can end up costing way too higher than the original hiring cost. An employer who wants success in the long term would like to ensure that they hire the right person and retain them.

Therefore it is important that the process of executive recruitment in Dubai consists of the following steps:

  • Defining and benchmarking the behavioral requirements for a certain role
  • Evaluating the behaviors a candidate can bring to the job
  • Identifying and developing leaders

Setting a performance benchmark for any job role will help to identify the right professionals suitable for the job. However to find the right person for the right job is just the first step in the right direction. To retain and develop the resources is just as important. The McQuaig Psychometric System will help you to identify the underlying temperament and behaviour patterns of the potential candidates as well as their morale, ability to adapt to the job, and odds of their success.

Pre and ongoing employment assessments act as a strong predictor of a candidate’s future performance.

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