Executive Recruitment

Executive Recruitment in United Arab Emirates

With hundreds of other agencies in UAE how do you stand out?

FACT FIRST: UAE is a remarkable place for both employers and job seekers and this diversity has also attracted some of the leading recruitment service providers.  

So how do we stand out? Well one way we have addressed this is by listening to our customers and their need of the hour. We call this 'pain-management'. By understanding what #HRTECH & #HRSOLUTIONS would make their jobs easier and the recruitment process more manageable and predictable.

When hiring has a 46% failure rate (approximately the same as flipping a coin), it’s hard to justify why the resume is so central to the hiring process.

Open Flood Gates:

Most HR professionals don't understand the complexity in executive recruitment. It's a situation that is manipulated from the start. Let me explain. Firstly and most commonly a job ad is placed in the most popular media. Right from this point onwards the floodgates are open and control has been lost over:

  • who reads the job-ad 
  • how the job ad is interpreted
  • most importantly who responds to it

From this point onwards it's a long slope ahead as thousands of people start sending their profiles. Most companies I talk to would receive an average of 600+ profiles (depending on its name & reputation) out of which they claim that only 10% - 15% are relevant. Nonetheless someone still has to go through all the applications to identify that 10%. 

When the 10% has been identified then begins the next challenge of telephone screening the selected candidates. 

The Phone Screen:

For the applicants this is a selling opportunity. To phone screen you first need to make sure the candidate has time for a discussion first. When that time has been booked than you have a candidate's profile on one hand and the candidate on telephone on the other hand. Both are unfavourable situations for the recruiter as both are well prepped and fractionally exaggerated in some cases. This has nothing to do with dishonesty of the candidate but it is only natural to put your best foot forward. 

Once the candidates have gone through the first round of screening they are further sorted by the recruiter before being presented the line manager. The candidate CV's by now have gained recruiter comments and scribblings as well based on the first screening. 

The line manager when he/she is available and has the time will eventually start going through the same profiles and recruiter comments and may even engage with the candidates on the second telephonic screening before sending his request for a meeting/video conference call with the candidates. By now the shortlisted candidate have probably already gone through two screening calls with very similar Q&A. 

Once the profiles are returned back to the recruiter than begins the cat & mouse game of making sure that the candidates are available at the same time as the line manager or managers if it's a panel interview. This back and forth further burns more time and money with chances of losing the candidate to competition as well. Most applicants on average apply to 3+ jobs during their job search. 

Fast Forward to Face-to-Face Interview:

By now you would easily be well in your 5th or 6th week of the recruitment process and still would not have met the candidates. 

A face-to-face interview is again a selling-opportunity for candidates as most smart applicants are fully prepared for their interview. They would have done company research on the www and website, people research on professional networks and would probably know more about you then you know them.  Remember until now they are in total control of the process. They have provided you with a professionally constructed profile and told you what you want to hear. 

A face-to-face interview is an opportunity to you to know each candidate better in person. But again it's not a game-changer in your favour yet as most line managers are not certified interviewers. These interviews are called unstructured interviews. No cause for celebration as an employers the situation isn't in your favour yet.  

There have been volumes written about how “the first five minutes” of an interview are what really matter, describing how interviewers make initial assessments and spend the rest of the interview working to confirm those assessments. If they like you, they look for reasons to like you more. If they don’t like your handshake or the awkward introduction, then the interview is essentially over because they spend the rest of the meeting looking for reasons to reject you.

In most cases the selection is based on gut-feel and the first 10-second assumptions. Both practices that are worthless and cost organisations millions of dollars annually. 

So to cut the chase as I can go on and on about the process; where does Hamilton Resourcing stand out?

Simple. We rely on our global executive talent sourcing skills to target exactly what you are looking for. It's like hitting the bulls-eye. Once we have the candidate shortlist we recommend inviting candidates to complete an online personality assessment so they can be compared with the internal unanimous job benchmark. Personality profile will help you better understand what the candidates 'will-do' on the job and not just what the candidates can-do.  

Once we have the 'strong-match' and 'potential-match' candidates who already have technical qualifications for the job than we recommend inviting them to complete a structured video interview. As this is a 'asynchronous' process the managers do not have to be online at the same time as the candidates. The candidates do not see your questions in advance and once they begin the actual interview they cannot pause or rewind the interview. Once they complete their interviews we are able to share their interviews with hiring managers and line managers through email to get their feedback and comments before inviting them for a face-to-face process. 

So our process is not just about recruitment. Its also about:

  • eliminating guess work from hiring
  • creating an unbiased process
  • creating a fair and balanced process for all candidates 
  • saving upto 50% time and resources over traditional hiring
  • saving organizations money

This is where we stand out!