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"A picture says more than a thousand words, but a video just tops that without any doubts." Aseem Kapoor - Corporate Director HR


Thank you Aseem Kapoor and Emaar Hospitality Group for this opportunity to help you bring The World's Greatest Hospitality Talent to life!

March 2018 kickoff, 4000+ applicants, 65 countries, 8 finalists, 1 winner!

Congratulations to ALL finalists and massive congratulations to Gabrielle Nicholson for taking the crown!!

Your journey has just begun. All the best.


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2018 Sonru Middle East - Candidate Feedback Report

Welcome to the 2018 Middle East Candidate Feedback Report! 

Sonru has done another great research spotlight on the Middle East which has some fantastic results!

The data for this spotlight derives from the findings from 820 respondents from the Middle East who completed an optional survey between January 2017 and May 2018.  An analysis of over 100 client accounts in the region in 2017 found a completion rate of 70%.

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Video Interviewing: Navigating Recruitment Success

So, you’ve brought a new software platform on board, you’re all set up – now what? The necessity to attain fantastic customer service is at its highest point during the use of any software platform. That’s why, after initial setup and implementation with Sonru video interviewing, our Client Success Team push this forward and start building on reputable service delivery throughout the recruitment process.

Rolling it Out Internally

We recognise that it’s not always so quick and simple to get everyone on board with a new idea or technology within your organisation. The Client Success Team at Sonru come equipped with guides, tutorials and training for all client departments to eliminate any worries or woes and to allow everyone to put their best foot forward from the very beginning. We have extensive experience getting Hiring Managers involved to facilitate their participation in the video interviewing process as much as you require. Sonru is not a one-shot service, but instead a flexible solution, adapted to our clients’ specific needs. We’re on-hand throughout the video interviewing process to guide you not only on how to usethe technology, but also on how to improve the process as you go along.

Candidates are not to be forgotten about either. We pave the way to make sure candidates have a smooth-running experience from the very start, and 95% of candidates would complete a video interview again! To eliminate the concerns that any candidates unfamiliar with the platform may have, we have a dedicated library of candidate tips ready to rock so that candidates have a pillar of support throughout their video interviewing journey, too!

Supporting Seamless Recruitment

Apart from designating a Client Success Manager to our clients from the get-go, we also have a full team of 24/7 in-house support experts on hand via phone, email and live chat to guide all clients and candidates when they need. We recognise that time is of the essence and are very proud to have a committed support team who surpass all industry benchmarks for technical support response times.

Throughout the video interviewing process, it’s all eyes on you! Based on client feedback and evolving recruitment needs, we enhance the Sonru platform continuously, with all system upgrades provided at no extra cost.

It’s an honour as part of the Client Success Team to deal with a diverse range of clients across the globe, and to know that our every day aim is worthwhile in making them feel as comfortable, enthusiastic and excited as possible when using Sonru. Software as a service cannot simply be a once-off interaction with your provider. Our team is here to build relationships and nourish client partnerships throughout every step of the video interviewing process!

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Francesco Roccuzzo, Client Success Manager at Sonru, weighs in on video interviewing rollout, support and getting the very best out of your Sonru video interviewing journey.

Dubai Airports Innovates Talent Acquisition through Sonru Video Interviewing


(pictured: Matthew Windett – Director Talent Acquisition with his team at Dubai Airports)

Dubai Airports, owner and operator of the world’s busiest international airport Dubai International, has signed an agreement with Sonru, the leading provider of video interview technology, to support the assessment of candidates seeking employment with the airport operator.    

“Innovation is central to Dubai Airports’ talent acquisition process and considering our growth targets for the coming years we had to move out of traditional recruitment practices and innovate our process for greater efficiencies. Sonru’s VI Solution will not only help us reduce cost per candidate but also improve our response times in first stage screening of applicants and live panel interviews. Through our innovative strategies, we will continue to be the best in business” said Matthew Windett – Director Talent Acquisition at Dubai Airports.

“I am pleased to Welcome Dubai Airports to Sonru and look forward to working with Matthew and his team” added Danish Haidri – MD MENA @ Sonru.

About Sonru:

Sonru is the trusted global leader and pioneer of automated online video interviewing for screening candidates.

Sonru enables recruiters to replicate a live interview by replacing early-stage phone, Skype or face-to-face interviews. Interviewers and candidates are not online at the same time. Forget about scheduling interviews, time zone restrictions, no shows and unsuitable candidates. With tailored screening questions, recruiters can immediately screen out candidates that do not meet their criteria, selecting only the most suitable candidates.

Meet the best candidates earlier in the process, assess their fit, personality, drive and motivation while saving time and money. 

For more information on Sonru please contact MENA@SONRU.COM or visit

About Hamilton Resourcing:

Founded in 2009 Hamilton Resourcing’s mission is to bring latest Global HR Tech & Innovations to organization in the ME Region. Hamilton Resourcing also provides executive talent acquisition services, pre-employment testing with over 200+ certified assessments (psychometric, cognitive, Game-based testing, Integrity & Microsoft Office) as well as competency development solutions.

Hamilton Resourcing is the exclusive Middle East and North Africa partner for Sonru. 

For more information on Hamilton Resourcing please contact us on or visit

Fact or Fiction: Challenging Video Interviewing Misconceptions

Fact or Fiction: Challenging Video Interviewing Misconceptions

With video interviewing becoming a vital part of the recruitment process, it’s hard to believe that misconceptions around the technology still really do exist. The time has come to clear up any fictitious notions, as you cannot afford to be misinformed.

Recently Sonru’s Amanda Usher, hosted a short webinar where these misconceptions were addressed.

It will take just 15 minutes to find out exactly what Video Interviewing means for today’s recruitment industry and to gain a fresh perspective on the process.

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi innovates recruitment with Sonru #HRSE16

Announcing our newest clients, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi at Dubai's Human Resources Expo & Summit 2016 #HRSE16. Gavin Walford-Wright dropped by Stand C58 to collect their Innovation Award. 

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, part of Mubadala’s network of world-class healthcare facilities, is a multispecialty hospital on Al Maryah Island in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi is a unique and unparalleled extension of US-based Cleveland Clinic’s model of care, specifically designed to address a range of complex and critical care requirements unique to the Abu Dhabi population. 

Video Interviewing for the Education Sector

See the key benefits of Video Interviewing for the Education sector and take a look at what the interviewers and candidates say about their experience.

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Get to Grips with Video Interviewing

Did you know that video interviewing is used for staff recruitment, student admissions, scholarship selection AND career preparation by organisations in the Education sector? Take a look at the key benefits that Sonru can bring to your organisation in our short 2-page guide.

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Seasonal Hiring – Don’t Prepare to Fail!

Sonru Seasonal Hiring

It’s never too early to get a head start when it comes to seasonal hiring. With an abundance of applications coming through the system, and candidates putting themselves forward for a number of roles across various organisations, there’s no denying that it’s a strenuous time for all.

To help you to prepare for the high volumes of hopeful candidates coming your way, the Sonru team have put together “A Roadmap for Seasonal Hiring” to get things moving. 

What’s Explored?

It’s hard to believe that a well-rounded process can be put in place when it comes to seasonal hiring. But, it really can! Find out how to strike a balance between:

  • An improved process
  • Enlisting stakeholder involvement
  • Reaching a wider pool of candidates
  • Standing out from the crowd

It’s no easy feat, but with the right preparation and Video Interviewing under your wing, success is completely reachable.

A Little Extra Seasoning

And, that’s not all! We also show you how real clients face the influx of candidate applications during their own seasonal hiring process.  Find out how the likes of the Post Office and Perisher reap the rewards of video interviewing during a hectic period. 

So, why not make a start? Download our roadmap.

Hamilton Resourcing is the Official Regional Certified Consulting Partner of LInkedIn, Sonru Video Interview, The McQuaig Institute & The McQuaig Psychometric System, Revelion Psychometric Assessments, Test Partnership Assessments and Integrity International Assessments in United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, MENA and GCC.

Video Interviewing Misconceptions

It’s time to expose the misconceptions of Video Interviewing. If you have ever thought that Video Interviewing is the same as Video Conferencing, or it isn’t suitable for your recruitment team or candidates, then this guide is for you.

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Championing Video Interviewing: What Next?

What Next?

A guide bringing together insights on how the recruitment process shapes up before and after Video Interviewing, as well as what to expect during implementation.

What Can You Expect Next?

After you have decided to implement Video Interviewing and all of the key influencers have come on board, what next? The final guide in our three-part series explores: 

  • The recruitment process before & after Video Interviewing 
  • Implementation of Video Interviewing
  • How some clients have applied Video Interviewing

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Championing Video Interviewing: Who?

Key Influencers

A guide bringing together insights on which key influencers can get involved in your Video Interviewing process and how it can benefit them.

What do the key influencers in your organisation need to know?

Along with the many benefits of Video Interviewing for the recruiter and the candidate, what do the key influencers in your organistaion need to know so that they can get involved in a superior recruitment process? The second guide in our three-part series explores: 

  • Engaging the Talent Acquisition & Recruitment Team
  • Engaging the Hiring Managers
  • Return on Investment outcomes which can be attained

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Championing Video Interviewing: Why?


A guide bringing together insights on why Video Interviewing should be implemented and its benefits for recruiters & candidates.

Why Video Interviewing?

There's no denying that online video interviewing has become mainstream in recruitment, but why should your organisation implement it? The first guide in our three-part series explores: 

  • Benefits for the Recruiter
  • Benefits for the Candidates
  • What users are saying about their Video Interviewing experience

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Get Your Video Interview ROI FREE!

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Gross Annual Salary
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Whether its an upward or downward economy, return on investment is an important consideration.

Using Sonru's Asynchronous Video Interviewing Solution our clients on average save 8 out of every 10 hours involved in the early stage screening process and have reduced their time to hire by c.50%.

Due to popular demand we have created an open invitation for organizations interested in innovating their talent acquisition process to get their ROI created in advance and its absolutely free of cost.

If efficiency, effectiveness, employer branding, candidate engagement, opportunity cost are the buzz words on your list then just fill out the details below, give us a few days and we will contact you when your numbers are ready! Simple!

Tanfeeth Innovates its TA Process through Video Interviewing!

Tanfeeth, the Gulf Cooperation Council’s (GCC) first large-scale Business Service Partner and fully owned subsidiary of Emirates NBD, has signed up with Sonru to innovate its talent acquisition process.

Tanfeeth is committed to delivering bottom line results to its clients through customized scalable shared service solutions while providing end-to-end customer service delivery. This improves the quality, consistency and efficiency of processes and service across the entire business value chain of Emirates NBD Group.

Within four years, Tanfeeth has grown from 20 employees to 2700! This accelerated growth created a major pressure on recruitment to make the right hires, for the right function at the right costs. By introducing innovative HR technology supplied by Sonru, the recruitment team can meet the human capital demands of the organization while creating an impressive interview and assessment process for potential talent.

“The introduction of video interviewing will provide our candidates a truly unique interviewing experience We want to be the ‘first’ in UAE to introduce innovative HR technology and with Sonru’s partnership we have achieved this goal” Rafiq Khan - Head of HR Services at Tanfeeth.

About Tanfeeth


Tanfeeth is always pursuing continuous improvement and development and rewards drivers of high performance. They equip their people with the tools needed to succeed at every interval of their career.

Tanfeeth has a young and energetic team that moves forward as one, which is leveraged by a shared set of values and behaviors. The working culture is one that brings together people, ideas and expertise to create an environment of opportunity, innovation and diversity.

Tanfeeth offers personalized development, growth plans and a wide range of world-class training programs based on comprehensive assessments and mentoring to its employees.

For further information about Tanfeeth, please visit

About Sonru:


Sonru is the trusted global leader and pioneer of automated online video interviewing for screening candidates.  

Sonru enables recruiters to replicate a live interview by replacing early stage phone or face-to-face interviews. Recruiters and candidates do not have to be online at the same time. Forget about scheduling interviews, time zone restrictions, no shows and unsuitable candidates. With tailored screening questions, recruiters can immediately screen out candidates that do not meet their criteria, shortlisting only the most suitable candidates.

Meet the best candidates earlier in the process, see their fit, personality, drive and motivation, and save time and money.

For more information:
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About Hamilton Resourcing:


Hamilton Resourcing was founded in 2009 to provide global ‘passive’ executive talent acquisition services to regional organization. Realization of the need in the market to improve the quality of hire and retention Hamilton Resourcing has partnered with some of the leading providers of psychometric, cognitive and aptitude testing as well as video interviewing. The innovations continue.

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Video Interviewing: Showcasing Your Employer Brand

Every recruiter has noted the increase use of the term employer brand - but how many actually understand the term and its importance to their recruitment activities? Put simply, employer brand is your reputation as an employer. It is the publics’ perception of your company culture. Employer brand positions a company as an employer of choice for candidates and it has a huge impact on candidate attraction and recruitment. Employer brand isn’t just aesthetically pleasing branding on your website and social media. It’s also the policies you put in place for your employees, like great perks and benefits.

In today’s connected world, it’s becoming harder and harder to protect your employer brand. One negative comment or review on social media can spiral. But, there are some aspects of your employer brand that you can control – such as your recruitment process. Video interviewing helps bring company’s employer brand into the 21st century. But, how can video interviewing showcase your employer brand to candidates.

Innovative Recruitment Process

Introducing video interviewing to the recruitment process tells candidates a lot about the hiring company. Innovative recruitment processes help to position a company as a modern, creative, tech-focused employer of choice for many candidates. In a candidate-focused recruitment process, information is key. Many companies detail the ins and outs of the recruitment process on their careers page, while others communicate next steps with candidates via direct communication. Explain to candidates what the video interviewing stage of your process is, why you are using this method and the benefits for recruiters and candidates. Be clear on what is expected of the candidate. 

Full Branding

A great video interviewing platform will have the functionality for the company to create a completely immersive branded candidate experience. From the initial email, to their interview landing page and the interview itself, you can customise the look and feel to represent your brand. Your account can mirror your careers website, carrying across your employer brand and giving candidates a clear and consistent experience – it’ll be like they never left your website! With many candidates, the recruiting process will be their first impression of your brand. A fully branded video interviewing experience gives candidates a glimpse of your employer brand – the colours, images and tone of voice were all carefully chosen by your team to represent your company and your team.



Personalisation is really important in all stages of recruitment, particularly during preliminary screening. The volume of applications and candidates at earlier stages can be enormous. It’s imperative that no candidate falls into the infamous recruitment ‘black hole’, which can seriously damage your company’s employer brand. Video interviewing makes sure that every candidate is an individual, while still allowing recruiters to screen a larger number of candidates in less time. Personalisation shows that a company is candidate-focused. Using a recruiters email address as the default on video interview invitations, instead of, adds a very human element to your recruitment process. If possible, address the invitation email to the individual candidate. Send a follow up message with more details and instructions, or just to wish them good luck. All types of interviews are stressful for candidates, so try to make their video interview as stress-free as possible.

Introduction Videos

An introduction video embedded in your candidates video interview account is a great way to showcase your employer brand, while making candidates feel at ease. Introduction videos can be taken directly from your careers website, or created specifically for the video interview.  A video giving a tour of your offices or showing the normal day of an employee really engages candidates with your company, getting them excited for their interview. Or, your recruitment team could introduce themselves, putting a face to the process and encouraging candidates to complete their interview. Some Sonru clients even upload blooper videos, to show the light-hearted side of the company. Don’t miss the opportunity to showcase your employer brand with introduction videos.

Candidates see companies using video interviewing in a favourable way – the hiring company comes across as modern, innovative and tech-savvy. For companies like Volvo Group, UBS, Primark, Gulf International Bank, Nestlé, Noble Group, PwC, CERN and Westpac, video interviewing has created a more candidate-focused recruitment process, while enhancing their employer brand.

Find out how you can showcase your employer brand in 2016 with video interviewing – check out how to make your employer brand fun or get in touch with our team of video interviewing experts.

Non-verbal Mistakes to Avoid in your next Video Interview

There are a lot of different factors that impact the outcome of an interview; it’s not always as straightforward as simply answering all the questions correctly. According to CollegeJournal, an interview comprises of 55% body language, 7% verbal communication, and 38% paralanguage or intonation. It’s clear that non-verbal communication is not just essential, but exceptionally vital to ace the process.

What is non-verbal communication? A definition from describes non-verbal communication as “behaviour and elements of speech aside from the words themselves that transmit meaning. Non-verbal communication includes pitch, speed, tone and volume of voice, gestures and facial expressions, body posture, stance, and proximity to the listener, eye movements and contact, and dress and appearance.”

Non-verbal communication is important in all interview settings - check out some non-verbal mistakes to avoid in your next video interview.

While it might be tempting to complete your video interview wearing a crisp white blouse and your pyjama bottoms, we’d recommend you dress as you would for a face-to-face interview. Yes, your interviewer won’t be able to know if you’re wearing trousers, a skirt or your pjs – but ‘power’ dressing will give you more confidence and the recruiter will be able to see that. A white shirt or block colour is best for a video interview. Research the company culture, and try to match the offices dress code. It’ll show the recruiter that you spent time prepping for this interview and that you really want the job!

Eye Contact
Eye contact can be a big indicator of confidence and self-assurance. Elevate your laptop by putting a few books underneath to put your camera at eye level. Look straight into the camera to make ‘eye contact’ with the recruiter who will be reviewing your interview. You can even put a sticker or photo just behind the camera, if it helps you to focus. On the other side of the spectrum, don’t forget to blink! Keep eye contact casual and relaxed. Don’t look at notes or away from the camera when answering the question – this will make you look unsure of your answer and disinterested. With Sonru, candidate reading time is not recorded, so use this time to quickly glance at notes or to compose your thoughts.

Good posture is important in every interview setting. Leaning back and crossing your arms and/or legs can come across as either not interested or as overly confident or arrogant. This is the case in a video interview too. Don’t complete your video interview sitting on your bed, or while lounging on your beanbag chair. Sit confidently, lean forward slightly and show the recruiter how excited you are to be a part of the process.

Hand Gestures
Hand gestures display a certain enthusiasm and can reinforce the point you are trying to make in a conversation. Overly dramatic gestures however, can look forced and may shed doubt on their authenticity. Distracting hand gestures or fidgeting can be signs of nervousness and they take attention away from you and what you’re saying. If you know that you’re prone to fidgeting or large hand gestures, place your hands on your lap or the armrest of your chair. Try not to play with your hands, hair or pen.

Finally, don’t forget to smile! Sure, interviews can be nerve wracking and you’re concentrating on showcasing the best of your experience and personality. But, don’t forget that recruiters want to see the real you, not a perfect robot. Mistakes are normal, so make sure to smile, and even make a funny comment if you think it’s appropriate.

Non-verbal cues help recruiters to see the big picture and to uncover inconsistencies or potential issues. To increase your chances of interview success, be consciously aware of your nonverbal communication and avoid these mistakes. Before you complete your video interview, check out some more advice from one of our Support Agents. Recruiters, see why the rise of emoticons should make you rethink your recruitment process and the way you assess candidates in this great blog post. 

Infographic of Global Recruiting Trends 2016

LinkedIn's fifth annual Global Recruiting Trends report, which is available for us all to download here, reveals the findings from almost 4,000 talent leaders around the world and presents the industry’s top priorities, challenges and opportunities ahead. If that all seems like too much trouble then have a look at this super infographic produced by Lucas Blake.