Using Sonru to recruit Technical Staff

Using Sonru to recruit Technical Staff

See how these clients found Sonru's Automated Video Interviewing solution to screen candidates for the following roles:Developers (Java, J2EE, ASP, Web), Sys Admins, DBAs, Engineers, Testers, NOCs, User Experience Designers, Helpdesk/Tech Support and IT management roles.


Why our clients use Video Screening for Technical roles?

• Effectively screen large volume of applications • Remove scheduling • No more phone interviews • Conduct technical tests • Prepare better and tailored face-to-face interviews based on the content of the video interview • Experience the candidates’ personality • Reduction of interview time and costs • Speed to interview which in turn speeds the hiring process

What our clients say about Video Screening for Technical roles?

Sonru has enabled us to prepare more thoroughly for the face-to-face interviews. It has meant that we and our managers get more from the face-to-face interviews having already established the technical capabilities of the candidates. Paddy Power

It can be difficult to ascertain the depth of technical experience that a candidate has from a CV alone. By using Sonru’s interview tool to conduct our technical interviews we were able to bring candidates of a certain technical competence forward for interview. Emer Mac Shane Head of Recruitment eircom Group

 Sample Questions for Technical roles: