What candidates want: Top tips to making your employer brand fun

Employer branding is an important consideration for any business, as it becomes increasingly evident that how the recruitment process is managed and conducted cannot only help to create the right impression, but it can attract top candidates to vacant positions.

Understanding which methods to use, how to make your business stand out from the crowd and what potential candidates want or can relate to are key considerations when deciding upon your employer brand strategy. Recruitment does not, however, need to be done in a serious and formal way to help get an employer brand message across. Increasingly, employers and HR managers are adopting fun, quirky and memorable methods to recruit and improve the employer brand.

Using videos is one method that has gained massive popularity in recent times to make the recruitment process easier and more flexible for both the recruiter and the candidate. Research suggests that 80% of employers with more than 10,000 workers now use video interviews, with smaller businesses also following the trend. Video interviews can cut costs, save time and offer flexibility for those who do not live locally whilst also speeding up the recruitment process. Videos can also be used in a fun and informative way to showcase what working for a particular company is like. They can highlight what work environments look like, present real-life case studies of the daily life of workers and even show the benefits of working for a particular organisation.

Increasingly, employers are recognising that using the people at the very heart of an organisation is one of the best ways to promote branding and encourage applicants to apply for positions. Staff are the best ambassadors for a company, and job-seekers can relate to them more easily. A fun and quirky method to promote branding of a company could be to encourage staff to create a personalised blog for its website or social media pages. It could talk about aspects of the job in a light-hearted approach, creating a gripping angle at the same time. This could be in a story type of format, or it could be in a 'did you know?' style. Even using a series of photos, images or music to portray a particular theme or story without the need for words can be a powerful and evocative way to get across a particular branding message.

If you want to attract the best candidates for a role whilst trying to get across what the business is all about, it can take some skill to execute a job description that doesn't sound just like any other. Think about which words best sum up your business, and try to encapsulate the essence of your organisation within the description. This is not always an easy task, so consider taking a copywriting course or picking out job adverts that catch your attention for some inspiration. It is perfectly fine to inject an element of humour within an advert if you feel this is appropriate, as long as it still comes across as professional.