Gulf International Bank

Sonru First Experience


“Overall we have invited 200 candidates to complete the Sonru interview to date. These candidates are mostly based in Saudi Arabia. Although we were very excited about the product, and the benefits it would bring, we had some concerns over how the candidates would respond to this initially. However after reviewing the results from 175 applicants we are pleased with the overall outcome, we were particularly impressed with the positive comments about the video interview from candidates mentioning that it portrayed the bank in a favourable, modern and innovative light. We were positively surprised by the number of women who completed the assessment, as there was a level of uncertainty as to whether they would take part in this. We also use an online psychometric assessment as part of our process, Sonru excellently supplements this, as it helps add a fuller picture to the assessment scores and allows us to see the whole person, their communication skills, self-presentation skills and much more. ……” Talent Manafger - GIB

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