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Video Interviewing has made our process slicker internally and definitely improved our employer brand to candidates. ..the response rate is definitely higher than phone interviews. Jane Kidd, Graduate Resourcing Manager, Asda

About Asda

Asda is one of Britain’s biggest, best-known retailers, serving more than 18 million customers every week. Asda employ 170,000 people and have 589 stores and 26 depots across the UK. Asda is headquartered in Leeds, Yorkshire, where the company was founded over 50 years ago. The Mint is also based in Leeds, as is their Merchandising Centre of Excellence (MCE) while the George clothing division is based in Lutterworth, Leicestershire. Since 1999, Asda has been part of Walmart, the world’s number one retailer.

Graduate Recruitment Process

Asda offers four graduate schemes - Fast-Track Retail, Fast-Track Trading, Fast-Track Rotational and the ASDA Logistics Services Graduate Programmes. With over 1,500 applicants vying for these highly competitive schemes, the screening process has to be precise involving a number of distinct recruitment stages.  The first stage involves several steps such as an online application form, online questionnaire, CV upload, personality profile and graduate level numerical and verbal tests. Successful applicants then progress to the video interview stage and ultimately the Assessment Centre. The decision and offer is then made within 48 hours of the Assessment Centre.

Benefits to Replacing Phone Interviews

They [hiring managers] would view the video interviews with immediate buy-in and feedback. I couldn’t do this with a script and the external agency’s notes from a phone interview. Jane Kidd, Graduate Resourcing Manager, Asda

Prior to using Sonru, Asda conducted telephone interviews instead of video. Jane Kidd, Graduate Resourcing Manager at Asda maintains that replacing phone interviews conducted by an external agency with video interviewing offers huge time and cost savings: "not paying for someone’s time to conduct and also to review the phone interviews.” However being able to send or share the interviews of borderline candidates with the functional graduate sponsors emerged as Kidd’s favourite benefit.

Unanimous Positive Feedback & Higher Response Rates

Video Interviewing has made our process slicker internally and definitely improved our employer brand to candidates. We’ve received lots of positive feedback from graduates and the response rate is definitely higher than phone interviews. Jane Kidd, Graduate Resourcing Manager, Asda

Kidd insists that Video Interviewing has also made the candidate withdrawal process easier to manage. Previously, candidates failing to attend the phone interviews would be contacted and given an alternative time whereas now Asda can extend the deadline and failure to complete will automatically remove candidates from the process.

Benefits to ‘Seeing’ and Shortlisting

The quality of candidates at the Assessment Centre is so much higher. You get a measure of the candidate much quicker because you have that verbal and mental cue in your head. I’m much more engaged with my candidates on the day because I’ve already met them. Jane Kidd, Graduate Resourcing Manager, Asda

Vendor Superiority - Usability and Unparalleled Support

Asda looked at other Video Interviewing vendors before choosing Sonru and made the decision based on the application’s ease-of-use / intuitive user-friendly interface, as well as Sonru clients’ recommendations and the level of client support offered.

At Asda, we’re all for buying into the service, not just the product. The customer service Sonru provides is a big plus for me. I work at 100mph and need really rapid results and Sonru has been very responsive and that makes a big impact. Jane Kidd, Graduate Resourcing Manager, Asda

Asda, the official partner of the Tour Makers for Yorkshire’s Grand Départ and the Tour de France in the UK in 2014, used Sonru to select Volunteer Supervisors as part of their three-stage recruitment process. Asda saw the event as “an amazing opportunity for communities to come together and showcase themselves to a global audience.

”The Tour Maker project was launched by Welcome to Yorkshire in late 2012, and almost 12,000 Tour Makers supported stages 1, 2 and 3 of the race in the UK. Tour Maker roles ranged from wayfinders and crossing marshals to route marshals and flag marshals.

All prospective Tour Makers were asked to take part in a selection process which involved completing an online application form, then an online test and a video interview for supervisor roles.

We’ve been using Sonru across the HR and recruitment team for the past number of years/months and could immediately see the opportunity for process gains given the volume of interest. The Tour de France in the UK enables our communities to come together and showcase themselves to the world so it seemed fitting to use Sonru to allow over 4,000 prospective tour makers to showcase their interest and passion in an online video interview. The results have been phenomenal, we’ve recorded a 75% response rate which is unheard of for volume recruitment of volunteers. Only 275 applicants chose to take a phone interview compared to the 3248 video interviews and the feedback has been hugely positive. Richard Mason, Tour Maker Project Manager at ASDA

Although Sonru is more associated with job interviews, we’re seeing more and more clients see opportunities to bring the benefits of video interviewing to other areas of their business such as sponsorship, casting, talent management/mobility and so on. We’re delighted to be of service again to Asda and to be involved with the Tour de France in the UK.