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80% cost savings.
Ideal for high-volume recruitment.
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Recruitment Context

Of the 20,000 applications received for 100 temporary Christmas positions, Post Office video interviewed 1,400 candidates in just 2 weeks.  Brett Davies, resourcing manager at the Post Office maintains they could never have assessed that number of people in such a short time frame using conventional means. The results were impressive including significant cost savings.


Overall, it saved around 80% year-on-year in terms of travel, venue and similar costs. Previously, prospective candidates would have attended an assessment centre with up to 20 trained assessors hired for the day, so we could easily be spending £50,000 to run 10 assessment days.

This made it easy for the resourcing team to match the responses to the criteria and then pass them through to the hiring manager for review. The hiring manager can then see the video interviews and decide who to contact for the face-to-face interviews.

One of our big drivers is about ‘thinking digital’, so being comfortable with technology is an indication to us that they can work in a branch using a self-service kiosk or our Horizon counter system. As an employer we have a responsibility to stay ahead of the curve and offer candidates an application process that doesn’t rely on antiquated methods. Brett Davies, Resourcing Manager at the Post Office