Executive Recruitment

Need to hire your next top Manager or VP? Our Executive Recruitment service is 'research' based and specifically developed for 'passive' talent. Our approach is active rather than re-active where through research, identify and narrow-into our target candidates based on the Your requirements. By using industry leading recruitment practices and predictive performance tools our Clients save time and invest their resources where most necessary.

Our target positions are mid-management to above across most industries. 

Sonru Video INterview

Replicating a face-to-face interview, automated video interviews remove the everyday headaches associated with preliminary interviews. Interviewers and candidates are not online at the same time. Forget about scheduling interviews, time zone restrictions, no shows and unsuitable candidates. With tailored screening questions, you will be able to immediately screen out candidates that do not meet your interview criteria, selecting only the most suitable for face-to-face interviews.

BREEZY APplicant tracking system

Breezy is a uniquely simple SAAS tool for attracting and hiring great employees with less efforts. 

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Now available in Middle East with full local sales, support including training and customizations*. 

* Onsite training only available across UAE



Competency Mapped Assessments

Online CErtified Assessments

With 200+ Certified Assessments, we are the largest online certified 'competency mapped' assessments provider in MENA & the GCC Region. We provide everything from personality assessments, cognitive ability assessments, integrity assessments, Gamification, technical skills - job based assessments (Work Safety Test, Work Reliability Scale, Values Inventory, Work Preferences Profile,...)  to Microsoft Office testing (Word, Excel, Powerpoint). Our extensive assessments range also includes tests for industries including but not limited to Accountancy, Call Centre, Health & Safety, Typing & Data Entry Assessments, Literacy & Numeracy Assessments and many more as well as an option to fully customize your assesments for assessment centres. 





Leader in online competency based solution that will help you attract, develop and retain talent so that your organization can achieve sustainable global growth. With our integrated suite of innovative products, TalentGuard empowers your company to make informed, predictive decisions about your workforce.


Improve Your Company’s Productivity & Engagement

iLeader helps front line managers be better people managers by taking them step-by-step through best-practice workflows of the most common management tasks, as they need them, right on their smartphone via a suite of tools developed by renowned leadership experts.

iLeader provides a voice to team members by allowing them to give daily feedback on productivity and engagement. Our dynamic engagement engine then recommends tools the manager could use based on that feedback. This leads to more effective people managers and more engagement and productivity from team members.

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