The IMI is the shorter and simpler version of the IP-200. It is much more overt and direct in its basic approach to measuring Integrity. It consists of 100 test-items (declaring approximately 75% of the total variance) in more than 10 languages (plus Braille and Sign Language) and provides the user with 10 scales to base his decision(s) on. One of these scales is a Verifiable Factor scale and provides the instrument, together with its Lie-Detector scale, a very soundly based reliability. The IMI takes about 35 minutes to complete and is especially useful for screening purposes.

  • The IMI can be used at a grade 6 schooling level.

  • Consider a score of ‘5’-sten (and below) on the Lie-Detector scale as a knock-out score.

  • Although simple and straight forward, the IMI must be interpreted by a registered psychologist.

  • It is beneficial to administer the IMI prior to a structured interview in order to use the results, obtained via the ‘Verifiable Items’, during the said interview.

  • It is advisable to adhere to a ‘4’ sten (and below) on the Adapted Integrity Scale for employment purposes.