IP200 (Integrity Profile)

The IP200 is the flagship of the dedicated Integrity tests that consists of 10 sub-structures of which each has 5 measuring areas. It is a very comprehensive, diagnostic and developmental instrument that provides the user with more than 60 scales to measure the complex concept of Integrity with, to provide feedback to testees, to make predictions on future behaviour and/or develop Integrity on an individualistic or corporate basis. It consists of 200 test-items, declares approximately 88% of the total variance and takes approximately an hour to administer and boasts Lie- and Consistency as well as Unnatural Exaggeration factors. The test can either be completed in using the ‘pencil-and-paper’ or ‘on-screen’ approach, the scoring is completely computerised and the user has the choice to use an ‘on-line’ approach in the entire administrative process.

  • The IP200 can be used at a grade 8 schooling level.

  • Consider a score of below a 6-sten on the Lie-Detector scale as a knock-out score.

  • The IP200 must be interpreted by a registered psychologist.

  • If the IP200 is interpreted for the first time, adhere to the so-called ‘5-Step Interpretation Process’.