Accurate, impressive, world class, spot on are some of the things our customers say...

McQuaig has provided a ray of light in a room that was pitch black as it has helped illuminate the behavior we are looking for … and has ensured we are hiring the right person for the right job. I can’t imagine hiring without it. (Chris Hotler - Vice President, Revenue Management, Marriott International)


“I was surprised and impressed that such a short and easy to use survey produced a result that had such a high degree of resonance with me” HR Consultant & Resourcing Manager, Gulf International Bank

'Unscripted' [The McQuaig Psychometric System - Big thank you to Sonal Srivastava for her feedback in this unscripted series and for using The MPS! Big shout out to Atif Amin Thakkur and his team at Creative Experts WD for managing the entire shoot and editing on the last minute without their professional equipment. You guys are a great sport!

A simple, accurate talent assessment system that empowers you to hire, retain and develop the right people! Here is what Dubai Eye 103.8FM presenters had to say about The MPS™.

"We @ DuBizzle were looking into improving our recruitment process with a tool that can also use more scientific approach rather than feelings. McQuaig Psychometric Assessment provided by Hamilton Resourcing MENA were of a great input for a reasonable cost within a few minutes of evaluation. Thanks to results we have or have not hired people but also used it internally for better understanding of each other, especially the management team. Despite the usefulness of the product I must compliment Hamilton Resourcing MENA for their approach, way of communication and knowledge. It has always been a pleasure to deal with them." HR Manager MENA

"Very interesting. It’s pretty much spot on, although I do think I’m a little bit better with people than this report would suggest. I look forward to discussing next steps." Director Global Talent Acquisition & Mobility, Telecoms Service Provider, UAE

The McQuaig System™ is an excellent tool not only for hiring the right people but also for their development. This will help in ensuring some compatibility and will contribute significantly to achieving corporate objectives. Olivine Barnes, Sagicor Life Jamaica Ltd. [McQuaig NA]

The customer support we have received from every employee at McQuaig has been “world class” from the first day and has continued till this day. We see the team at McQuaig as true “business partners” not just a vendor. J. Ken Bell, CareSouth Homecare Professionals [McQuaig NA]

Establishing the right fit is critical and McQuaig has been very helpful in that regard. We need someone whose values and motivations are aligned with ours or success will be an uphill battle. Bill Stensson, Sheridan Nurseries [McQuaig NA]

Our McQuaig package has paid for itself. We would have made four bad-hires in the last 2 months had it not been for the McQuaig reports. Stephen Hodgson, Director, Asteral Health [from UK McQuaig Distributor]

Our unlimited usage license means we can continue to use McQuaig with no additional cost during a time when other companies are cutting back. Helen Rust, Head of L&D, Caffé Nero [from UK McQuaig Distributor]