First published in 1960's The McQuaig Psychometric System™ (MPS) was specifically developed for Talent Acquisition, Development & Retention and is used by some of the leading global organizations today.

The McQuaig Psychometric System is now available in United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Pakistan, MENA and GCC.

The McQuaig System™ doesn’t replace decision making in your company. Nor does it remove the responsibility from a hiring manager and place it with HR. Instead, our tools equip you with the insights to help you make more informed decisions around acquiring and developing employees. The ease-of-use, transparency and simplicity that our system is famous for helps ensure consistent, correct use of the tools by HR and hiring managers, driving better results and improved satisfaction for everyone involved.

Our behavioral assessments empower you to clearly define the success criteria of a job, select people most likely to succeed using pre-employment testing and develop them in a way that ensures that they reach their maximum potential.

Three Types of Assessments to Help You

Define Job Requirements using the
job survey

Define and benchmark the behavioral requirements of the job by direct managers, individuals currently on the job and HR professionals responsible for staffing.

Turnover using the
word survey

Increase your retention rates and get better ROI from your recruiting program using the insights that come from knowing how a candidate will behave before you hire them.

Coach & Develop using the
self dev. survey

Increase productivity and employee engagement by using behavioural insights to leverage people’s strengths; helping hiring managers coach better and employees achieve their maximum potential.

Based on Four Trait Scales

Temperament plays a critical role in every individuals success. By understanding a candidate’s temperament greatly improves our ability to predict on-the-job performance while reducing reliance on “gut feeling” when making hiring decisions. It has been demonstrated that personality tests, if used correctly, can greatly improve the hiring process by hiring the right people in the right roles at the right time and at appropriate costs. These ideals are irrespective of industry or cultures. The only factor that sets companies apart today is their unique talent pool.

Three Levels of Assessments

Today most organizations are involved in Level 1 & Level 2 hiring where a candidate goes through a set of interviews, background checks, reference checks before an offer is extended. However it is the Level 3 that determines the success and longitivity of the candidate on the job.


Developed for HR Professionals & Line Managers

Arabic language testing

Easy to read, understand and access reporting

Affordable and competitive pricing

Measurable ROI