Strong Match, Potential Match & Does Not Match

The McQuaig Job-Fit Interview Guide

What is it?

The McQuaig Job Fit Interview Guide is a practical report to help managers interview better. It is a comparison of the candidates McQuaig Word Survey report with the internal unanimous benchmark created by stakeholders using the McQuaig Job Survey. The results as shown on right is a three level system generated outcome; Strong Match, Potential Match & Does Not Match which is a part of the interview guide. . 

The report includes:

  • Pre-interview checklist
  • 1 hour interview structure
  • Candidate-job comparison
  • Tips for a successful interview
  • Post-interview checklist

Why use it?

The Job Fit Interview Guide provides a list of targeted, role-specific interviewing questions to draw examples from the candidate’s past experience.

It will help:

  • Structure an interview
  • Keep candidate questioning consistent
  • Ensure interview notes are recorded
  • Provide behavioural-based questions

Who completes it?

The interviewer will complete the Job Fit Interview Guide.

A unique Job-Fit Interview Guide is generated for each candidate. The interviewer can make their notes in the space provided. This is good practice and demonstrates fairness and consistency across all candidates.

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