The McQuaig Self-Development Survey ® is a behavioral assessment tool used specifically for increasing personal effectiveness, leadership development and career counseling.

It provides people with specific action items to help them leverage their strengths and minimize their development areas. It can be used by job seekers individually to for self-development & assessment as well as by employers in charting out a development course for employees.

How to use the SDS?

Questions in SDS?

What is The Self-Development Survey?

The Self-Development Survey is an on-line self-assessment tool that helps employees better understand their underlying temperament or behaviour patterns - and use this information to become more effective in their current role or to prepare for new challenges.

How is it used?

The Self-Development Survey generates a comprehensive, self-directed report that is also an ideal coaching tool. It can be used for any of the following:

  • Greater self-awareness
  • Increasing personal effectiveness
  • Leadership development
  • Career counselling
  • In your profile/resume

Here is a video from McQuaig UK Distributor which shows how to get the most out of The McQuaig Self Development Survey®.

What are the benefits?

Most of today's leaders cite employee retention and development as key to their company's success. Yet the amount of time and expense that it takes to develop and implement retention and leadership development programs can be prohibitive.

The Self-Development Survey is cost-effective and easy to administer. It provides valuable insights and an easy-to-understand Action Plan that can be implemented immediately.

Through our web-based assessment program, McQuaig On-Line®, you or the participating employee, get an extensive report complete with Personal Action Plan worksheets. Your employee's coach/manager may opt to de-brief and discuss next steps.

  • A summary of your behavioural profile
  • Ways to optimise you strengths
  • Ways to manage your developmental areas
  • A guide to getting input from your manager or coach
  • Detailed action plan