Hire The Right Pilots To Fly Your Fleet

Helps you assess a Pilot’s suitability for the Aviation Industry

Used for recruitment and selection:

With a pressing need for assessing the mental health of pilots stepping into the aviation industry, Mettl helps you identify the behavioral attributes and other psychological factors which impact the psychological well-being of a person taking up this role. As more and more employers in the aviation industry are on the lookout for psychometric testing to scrutinize new and existing pilots, it is imperative to offer them a tool which can provide a good understanding about an individual’s personality and ability to fit into the role they are offering.

The Mettl Aviation Pilot Assessment is one such tool that has been created for the expert purpose of evaluating and qualifying contenders for the specific profile of an aviation pilot. Mettl’s assessment addresses some of the key questions that arise in terms of hiring such personnel such as:

· Would the potential candidate project the desired professionalism and leadership skills in the job?

· Would the potential candidate have the necessary temperament to handle situations of emergency or attend to a developing problem?

· Would the potential candidate be capable of forging a productive and long lasting relationship with customers or manage a crew effectively?

·  Does the potential candidate have the necessary communication skills required for passenger interactions?

Used for:

Mettl Aviation Pilot Assessment fits you best if you are looking to:-

  • Hire a team of good quality pilots. Mettl’s assessment has been built on thorough market research that has helped derive both the basic skill set as well as the specialized qualities required for a potential candidate. Hence any candidate who is recommended through this assessment is bound to be well versed in situation awareness, accompanied by a good level of emotional stability and stress resilience.
  • Accomplish a productive recruitment process in less time with little effort. Keeping in view the enormity of recruitments that our clients do, the assessment has been configured in such a way that multiple candidate reports can be generated once the test has been attempted. The assessments also have the advantage of being attempted from any device that can facilitate a basic internet connection.
  • Follow a reliable and easy system of short listing eligible candidates from a pool/pipeline. Mettl’s Assessments are accompanied with an extensive and highly reliable benchmarking procedure that is consistent with the industry’s standards as well as the respective client’s organizational standards. This not only creates a common field of reference but also increases the credibility of the entire testing procedure.
  • Spot gaps in the competency level of the existing employees. Along with its utility as a reliable tool in recruitments, Mettl Aviation Pilot Assessment also helps identify gaps that indicate scope for training among the pre-existing lot of employees.

Key profiles the test is useful for:

  • Senior Pilot
  • Pilot Trainee

Test descriptions: 

The assessment includes:

  • Mettl Personality Inventory- Assesses the person's behavioural competencies and is based on Big Five Model of Personality
  • Situational Judgement Test- Assesses the mental make-up and ability to handle unseen situations through situation judgement questions
  • Mettl Abstract Reasoning Test- A non-verbal test of strategic thinking and observation skills, based on the item response theory, this test measures a person's capability to strategically derive a solution to a problem by logically evaluating it
  • Mettl Critical Thinking Test- Assesses the critical thinking and decision making ability.

With a competency based approach to measuring the person’s potential, the assessment measures a person's problem solving and decision making ability and identifies his/her fitment based on their personality traits. The personality traits are measured through 4 competencies and 15 sub-competencies, which are

  • Crew Management/Coordination (Team Management, Conflict Management, Providing Support, Time Management, Process Adherence)
  • Interpersonal Skills (Effective communication, Passenger Interaction, Service Motivation)
  • Leadership (Delegation of Tasks, Leading by Example, Problem Solving, Attentiveness, Decision Making)
  • Stress Resilience (Managing Fatigue, Emotional Stability)

Our quantitative and validated process analyses your people, detailing each individual’s potential to become a top performer. Using this insight, we provide a practical roadmap that identifies the skills each individual must learn, the attributes they must develop, and the weaknesses they must overcome to achieve business development success.