Identify A Person's Vulnerability To Attrition And Understand How To Retain Him/Her

Used for recruitment and selection:

One of the key performance metrics for Human Resources is to keep attrition to a minimum. This requires insight into the candidate's vulnerability to attrition and also understand what really drives them. This can help in improving the retention of the key potentials and designing training and development plans for the concerned employees. The Mettl Employee Retention Assessment determines the probability of retention and gives an understanding of how aspects of an individual's traits affect his/her vulnerability to attrition.

Test details:

Duration - 15 minutes
Reliability score - Cronbach's alpha .89, Split half method .91
Validity score - This ranges from .87 to .90 for different norm groups
Theoretical basis - The Big 5 Theory of Personality
Language - English (contact if required in other languages)

Test descriptions:

The test consists of 60 items that are based on the Big 5 personality factors, measured on a 5 point Likert Scale. It measures 12 competencies critical for retention-

  • Stability
  • Stress Management
  • Flexibility
  • Positive Attitude
  • Readiness for challenging targets
  • Ethical
  • Passionate for work
  • Responsible/ Accountable
  • Team Player
  • Negotiation and Persuasion
  • Delivering Results, and
  • Capable of taking initiatives

The assessment has been validated for different verticals across industries. The norm groups are exhaustive and the validation studies reflect the high predictability based on the test scores.