Identify And Understand Reasons For Employee Exit And Increase Organizational Effectiveness Using Mettl

Use for increasing retention and organizational effectiveness, and  decreasing the employee turnover:

One of the key performance metrics for Human Resources is to keep attrition to a minimum and increase organizational effectiveness. An understanding of why your employees are leaving your organization provides you an insight into how your organization functions at every level. Gaining insight from the various reporting groups and divisions through exit interviews reveals where your company is thriving and where it is struggling.

Mettl Exit Interview Assessment is a standardized test from Mettl's Psychometric Inventory which reveal where your organization is thriving and where it is struggling, why employees are leaving and how to reduce turnover with exit interview data and analytics. It provides the following benefits:

  • Saves time: Our online assessment platform is accessible from anywhere, anytime, and provides real-time tics. The exit data is actionable with detailed recommendations for increasing organizational effectiveness.
  • Instant and secure access: The 24/7 online platform displays numerical findings for all data gathered as well as external benchmarks (if desired).  Charting comparisons, filtered data and download capability are also provided periodically as desired.
  • Comprehensive in scope: The assessment and the report is uniquely designed with extensive quantitative data and can be made available in multiple languages on request.
  • Robust analytics and periodic reports: Further analysis of trends, themes, demographic causes and organizational causes for turnover are included in periodic reports.
  • Benchmarking: Responses from external norms as well as internal benchmarks can be provided which allow you to compare your turnover findings against your internal findings periodically.
  • Customization: Questions and findings can be compiled to meet your specific demographic and organizational reporting needs.
  • Red Flag Alerts: Our assessments and technology enable monitoring of unethical or illegal activity.
  • Easy to Use: No expensive software purchases, licensing, training, or long-term contracts to sign.

Test descriptions:

The test consists of 24 (5 point Likert scale) questions across 12 factors or parameters and 8 subjective questions -

Organizational Factors
Company Practices/HR Practices, Performance Management System, Interpersonal Relationships, Work Processes and Resources, Career Opportunities, Role, Immediate Supervisor/Manager, Work Pressure, Work/Life Balance

Personal Factors
Location, Career Goals, Personal Factors

The assessment has been validated for different verticals across industries. The norm groups are exhaustive and the validation studies reflect the high predictability based on the test scores.