Measure HR Competencies through Mettl Assessment

Mettl HR Manager Assessment helps you identify a person's leadership qualities necessary to direct the work of others and create a customer oriented culture, where positive attitude prevails. A good HR Manager makes decisions efficiently and in an ethical manner, stays on top of the work in his/her department, motivates employees, relates well to others, lives up to obligations, and works for organizational effectiveness. The Mettl HR Manager Assessment helps you choose people who have the mental ability to handle the complexities of managerial level responsibilities.

Used for: 

  • Recruitment and selection of a right candidate for a human resources managerial profile
  • Identifying the gaps and preparing your first-time managers
  • Talent maximization
  • Identify training and development areas

Key profiles the test is useful for:

  • HR Manager
  • Talent Acquisition Manager
  • Compensation and Benefit Manager
  • Business Partner-HR
  • Learning & Development- Trainer and Evaluator
  • Generalist-HR Operations
  • OD Manager/ Executive

Test details:

Duration - 45 minutes
Reliability score(i) - Cronbach's alpha .85, Split half method .87
Validity score(i) - This ranges from .84 to .89 for different norm groups
Theoretical basis - The Big 5 Theory of Personality
Language - English and Spanish (please contact if you want us to support other languages)

Test description:

The assessment includes 

  1. Mettl Personality Inventory- Assesses the person’s behavioral competencies for leadership
  2. Mettl Critical Thinking Test- Assesses the critical thinking and decision making ability
  3. Mettl Customer Focus Test- Measures the person’s ability to handle customers

With a competency based approach to measuring the potential, this assessment measures three major competencies critical to metrics effectiveness in a retail organization:

Self-Effectiveness                                                      Leadership Skills

  1. Awareness of needs of others                          1. Accountability
  2. Integrity                                                          2. Customer Centricity
  3. Continuous Learning                                        3. Employee Advocacy
  4. Interpersonal Skills                                          4. Time Management
  5. Flexibility/ Adaptability                                   5. Result Driven

People Management                                               Business Acumen

  1. Managing Diversity                                         1. Vision
  2. Coaching and Mentoring                                 2. Understanding Business Strategy
  3. Conflict Management                                      3. Planning and Organizing
  4. Team Work                                                     4. Problem Solving & Decision Making