Know The Right Career Option For You!

Used for:

Knowing your ideal career. A person's suitability for a particular career is dependent not only on his/ her interest or aptitude in a particular area. Success in a stream or career is a function of congruence of your interest, personality and aptitude. Mettl Ideal Career Suggestor Assessment measures the potential of an individual in terms of Interest, Personality and Aptitude. Once you know your potential, it will be easy to take decisions for choosing the right career path. The Mettl Ideal Career Suggestor Assessment helps you to:

  • Identify and explore the most suitable careers and occupations in order to get started in your career path in the right direction
  • Select course of study or a college major after 12th grade
  • Identify strengths and potential weaknesses for the career search process
  • Plan career goals and action steps
  • Assess natural inclination for further studies and future jobs
  • Define skills, values, and personal characteristics
  • Target opportunities that match personality, aptitude and interests
  • Understand your learning patterns, study habits, character, professional interests, attitude towards work, and interaction style

Suitable for:

  • 11th-12th grade students
  • College entrants
  • Fresh graduates/ Under-graduates

Test details:

Duration - 75 minutes
Sections - Personality Inventory, Interest Profiler, Aptitude tests
Reliability Score - Cronbach's alpha .855
Validity - The test has high content validity, construct validity and concurrent validity. This ranges from .78 to .86
Language - English (contact if required in other languages)

Test description:

The test consists of 162 items measuring through:

  • Mettl Personality Inventory
    A 60 item comprehensive test to assess a person's personality traits.
  • Career Interest Profiler
    Measures a person's interest level in 36 different occupations or careers.
  • Aptitude Tests
    Measures a person's aptitude in 6 skills- Quantitative aptitude, analytical aptitude, cognitive perceptual speed, spatial relations, abstract reasoning, and verbal reasoning.