Online Test For Medical Sales Representative: Identify The Right Hire For Your Organization

Mettl's Test For Medical Sales Representative: Hire The Best Sales Representative For Your Organization

Assess Skills Of A Medical Sales Representative !
Medical Sales Representatives are a key link between pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals. They are responsible for contacting potential customers such as primary care centres, hospitals and pharmacies, convincing them that the products (medicines or medical Devices) are the best in the market. They also close sales according to the terms and conditions; and provide after-sales service.

Mettl Medical Sales Representative Assessment directly measures sales and business development skills and attributes, and examines the factors that affect sales performance optimization of medical sales representatives. Our flagship tests from Mettl's Psychometric Inventory address your key questions including

  • How well does the candidate we are hiring know the current and emerging best practices associated with business-to-consumer selling?
  • Does our team consistently apply those practices?
  • How are we addressing the performance gaps of our sales representatives in critical areas like needs assessments, suggestive selling, and customer service?
  • How can our sales team become our competitive advantage that drives customer loyalty?

Used for:

  • Hiring the 'Right' Sales Talent and Improving the Existing Sales Talent:  Mettl Medical Sales Representative Assessment combines a detailed understanding of sales hiring process and the special skill sets, proven to predict sales hiring success most of the time. Mettl also provides customized solutions to meet your unique business requirements.
  • Optimizing Sales Performance through 'development needs analysis': Our quantitative and validated process analyzes your salespeople, detailing each individual’s potential to become a top performer. We provide a roadmap that identifies the skills each individual must learn, the attributes they must develop, and the weaknesses they must overcome to achieve top sales success.
  • Increasing Sales Revenue: Armed with validated insights using Mettl Assessment, you can develop and initiate appropriate sales talent strategies to drive revenue, sales and business performance – creating a genuine competitive advantage.

Key profiles the test is useful for:

  • Medical Sales Associate
  • Medical Sales Representative

Test details: 

Language - English (contact if required in other languages)

Test description:

The assessment includes

  • Mettl Personality Inventory- Assesses the person's behavioral sales competencies and is based on Big Five Model of Personality
  • Mettl Sales Knowledge Test- Assesses the functional understanding of the sales process through real-life situation judgement questions
  • Mettl Customer Focus Test- Measures the person's ability to handle customers through situation judgement questions
  • Mettl Motivation Inventory- Measures the person's key career motivators that drive his/her success in the role.

With a competency based approach to measuring sales potential, the assessment measures a person's sales knowledge, customer centricity, his/her key motivators and identifies his/her fitment based on their personality traits. The personality traits are measured through 3 competencies and 14 sub-competencies, which are -

  • Self-management (Self-control, Self-confidence, Emotional Stability, Achievement Orientation, Learning Agility)
  • Managing the Sales Process (Result orientation, Taking initiatives, Information seeking, Perseverance, Problem Solving),
  • Managing the Customer Relationship (Understanding customers’ needs, Networking with others, Influencing others, Customer service orientation)

Our quantitative and validated process analyzes your people, detailing each individual’s potential to become a top performer. Using this insight, we provide a practical roadmap that identifies the skills each individual must learn, the attributes they must develop, and the weaknesses they must overcome to achieve business development success.