Assess And Identify Key Personality Traits

Used for recruitment and selection:

Organizational and role fitment is critical for success of a new employee at work. However, it is difficult to objectively measure someone's personality in an interview. Mettl Personality Inventory provides you with a solution to this problem. The test's in-depth analysis enables you to adjudge this fitment and remove subjectivity across different interviews. Using this test, you can evaluate a person on 30 different personality traits before you decide to hire him/her.

The test is especially useful in hiring for the following profiles:

  • Undergraduate and graduate engineers both for IT and non IT roles
  • Undergraduates and graduates of other disciplines for business analyst and other entry level roles
  • Entry to mid level managers for various operational roles

Test details:

Max Duration - 15 minutes
Reliability Score - Cronbach's alpha .89, Split half method .91
Validity Score - This ranges from .87 to .90 for different norm groups
Theoretical Basis - The big 5 personality traits
Language - English

Test descriptions:

The test consists of 60 (5 point Likert scale) items across the Big 5 personality factors -

  • Extraversion
  • Agreeableness
  • Conscientiousness
  • Emotional Stability and
  • Openness to Experience.

The 12 core competencies being measured are- ethical (integrity), trustworthy, trusting others, passionate for work, responsible/accountable, team player, sincere in following others, open to learning, capable of taking initiative, stress management, self-starter, and stability.

We all know that no behavioural trait acts in isolation. Mettl Personality Inventory also gives an insight into the behavioural implication due to congruence of 2 personality factors with personality type for each behavior pattern- a person's interaction style, preferred work style, psychological well-being, professional interests, character, anger management, and attitude towards work, level of impulse control, learning patterns, and behaviour under pressure. This analysis is very insightful and has been widely appreciated by clients. The analytical insights are based on validation for different verticals across industries.